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Custom branded apparel isn't just for customer-facing teams. Here are 3 great reasons to create company apparel for your remote employees today:

• Creates a sense of unity, even though employees can't meet in person, they can still feel like a team.

• Keeps your staff comfortable and gives them a sense of belonging while adjusting to this new normal.

• Helps teammates easily represent your brand during video chat with client, virtual happy hours, and more.

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6 Tips & Tricks to Make Working from Home Easier

1. Set Your Workspace Up For Success
Working from home can be a challenge, but it's much worse if you don't have what you need at hand! Set up your workspace with all your essential office supplies but keep the snacks in the kitchen - it'll give you a reason to get up and walk around!

Home workspace

2. Stay Connected With Your Teammates & Colleagues
When you don't go into an office every day, it's incredibly important to stay in touch. Set up regular calls with your teammates and colleagues, whether they're check-in meetings, water-cooler catch ups, or virtual happy hours.

Video chatting with clients

3. Your Brand Still Matters - Even on Video Chat!
If you're on a video conference with prospective clients, current clients, or even your teammates, your company logo should be visible! It's a great reminder of the brand you've helped to build and the work you do. One easy way to make your logo visible? Branded t-shirts and hats!

4. Set (And Keep) A Good Workday Routine
While working remote can also mean you can roll out of bed and "into the office," keeping a good workday routine will help keep you productive. That means giving yourself enough time in the morning to shower, get dressed, eat, and relax for a few minutes before you start your workday. It also means paying attention to Tip #5...

5. Take Your Breaks!
Many studies show that people who work remotely work longer hours than if they were in an office. Whether or not that applies to you, if you're sitting at a computer all day, it's very important that you take breaks. Give your eyes a rest, stretch out, do some carpal tunnel exercises, and get some fresh air whenever possible!

6. Keep A To Do List
Especially now, the workday can get hectic really fast. That's why keeping a daily To Do List has never been more important. Whether it's a physical list, a journal or a digital checklist, set a list of reasonable tasks and goals you can complete each day. Plus, you'll have a record of everything you've accomplished!

Keep a to do list