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What are the Differences Between Big, Tall, Big & Tall, and Plus Size?

Difference Between Big Tall Plus Size

The way your clothes fit matters a lot. You have to wear these outfits all day, so they need to be comfortable first and foremost. They also shouldn't be too short or too long, too tight or too loose. And anyone who has ever had to purchase clothing in larger sizes can probably relate more than most - it can be seriously hard to find clothes that fit right.

To make things more complicated, there's often a lot of variation between companies, products and stock. There are few things more frustrating than having to settle for ill-fitted clothing. Thankfully there are now more sizes and styles for a variety of body types than ever before. So, what's the difference between Big, Tall, Big & Tall & Plus size styles? We'll break it down for you here:

Big & Tall Size

What Does Big Mean?

Made with larger measurements though the neck, shoulders and chest.

For Big guys, finding clothes that fit has always been a struggle. Thankfully, many brands are expanding their lines to accommodate larger sizes. This means larger men can rest assured they don't have to choose between fit and quality - they can have both. And even better than that, "big" sizes are made with the same material and high-quality construction as any other item on the market, even their smaller counterparts.

What Does Tall Mean?

Designed for men 6'2" or taller, with longer arm and torso measurements.

Tall men have a whole other host of issues shopping for the right clothes. Finding shirts that fall properly below the waist and have sleeves that reach the wrists is often high on the priority list, but these guys often have to fall back on wearing shirts untucked or rolling their sleeves up to hide the incorrect fit. That can make looking professional very difficult - but thankfully, tall sizes are made to fix these two issues. Most "tall" sizes add a few extra inches to the torso and sleeves, so they should fit properly even if you are well above six feet.

What is Big & Tall?

Made for taller men who also have a larger chest and waist.

If you fall into the categories of both big and tall, you'll want to look at Big & Tall sizes. There are many types of apparel that come in "big" sizes like 3XL that are also "tall." Big & Tall fitted clothes will have the extra room in the body, as well as the extra length in the torso and sleeves. Look for sizes up to 5XLT for the best fit.

What is Plus Size?

Plus Size Curvy Fit

Made for women with larger measurements in the bust, waist, and hips.

Plus Sizes encompass clothing for women that commonly fall between size 14W and 24W. They're usually cut to accommodate curves, and often made with fabric that stretches easily. You'll sometimes even see "Tall" and "Petite" in relation to plus sizes, which are tailored for women above 5'8" and below 5'4", respectively.

But what about those X sizes, like 1X and 2X? According to Size Charter, X sizes encompass more than one numerical size. You'll almost always find this system in knitwear and other relaxed fits, since it doesn't offer the exact dimensions required for tailored pieces. For instance, a woven dress or business suit will usually feature a misses' or women's size, while a sweater or a pair of pajama pants usually uses the X size.

How to Shop For Big, Tall, Big & Tall, and Plus Size Apparel

Now that you understand the differences between the sizes, hopefully you'll have an easier time shopping. Pay close attention to individual product measurements - no matter the size, not all products are created or cut equal. A size 2XL from one brand might be a size 3XL at another. Whenever possible, ask for samples or make sure the company has a good return policy so that you can return things that don't fit right.

And, of course, if you need custom apparel in these sizes, we've got you covered. We've got great brands like Carhartt, Columbia, Charles River, and Eddie Bauer that offer a variety of sizes.

What apparel questions do you have? Let us know and we'll try to answer them!