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Design the Perfect Custom Satin Jacket for Your Baseball Team

Create a satin jacket your baseball team will proudly wear at pep rallies, outside school, and at games. Find the perfect style and fit with our flannel and quilt-lined options or the striped trim style. Choose from different styles by top-tier brands such as ASW and Augusta. There are also sizes under the "big and tall" option in the advanced search filter.

When designing your satin jacket, choose from one-color or two-color combinations (options vary depending on the style and brand). We'll apply your team's logo in the classic embroidered or vintage applique style. There's also the option to buy the jackets blank in the color of your choice.

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Custom Satin Jacket FAQs

How much does a custom satin jacket cost?

The cost will depend on the brand or style, decoration style, and the number of personalized satin jackets you order. Most of the available types show the unit price based on the quantity of embroidered satin jackets.

Is there a minimum order for satin jackets?

No, you can order one custom satin jacket, and we will manufacture it based on the uploaded logo.

Can I buy the satin jackets blank?

Yes, you can order a blank satin jacket in the color of your choice. Select "Buy It Blank" as the decoration option to do this.

Can I see an embroidered sample of my logo?

Yes, you can preview the appearance of your embroidered logo online while using the Online Designer. Note that the preview is not an exact representation and can only give a general idea of its look after production. However, our production team always ensures accuracy and high quality for your uploaded logo.

How do I know which sizes of custom satin jackets I should order for my team?

All satin jacket options have a size chart that shows the corresponding measurements. It's best to get your team's dimensions and refer to these as a basis for the quantity you order per size.

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