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5 Things to Consider When Designing Custom Hats

Your company's custom hat design builds a customer's first impression. They see how much effort and time you put into customizing your logo and ensuring your employees have a functional cap at special events or when they work outside. Recipients of your company's promotional giveaways are reminded how important you are to their lifestyle with a hat that protects them while doing errands or an active hobby like golf.

Caps also boost a school's sports team's performance while helping your athletes represent themselves in the best light at competitions. The significant contribution a high-quality hat or cap gives to your team, whether they're at a baseball game or donning spirit wear. Here are five things to consider when customizing the best cap for your group:

How will your hat be used?

Are you wondering "how can I customize my hat?" Before you answer this question, define the hat's primary purpose. Will your crew wear the hat at an outdoor event like a corporate golf game or as part of their everyday attire at work? Will you be giving these hats away as gifts to your clients? Will your sports team athletes be wearing them at practice and competitions? Always keep the custom hat's purpose in mind when finalizing its features-keeping your employee, customer, or team in mind guarantees that the hat's fabric, design, and style serve its primary purpose.

Custom Hats

What is the best hat style?

Now that you've defined the hat's user, you can select a style that best serves their needs:

  • Beanies keep the heat in and are a practical choice for those who work throughout fall and winter. You can also give these away as promotional freebies during the holidays.
  • Trucker caps are a popular choice because of their easy adjustability and mesh back that keeps the head cool. Perfect for employees out on the field during the summer or for your customer's everyday use in the warmer seasons.
  • Twill Caps combine fashion and function with comfortable, lighter weight texture and a classic shape that fits most.
  • Unstructured Caps like dad caps provide flexibility and ease when adjusting the fit of the cap to your head.
  • Bucket hats protect your face and eyes from the harsh sun. Perfect for outdoor activities done in the daytime like fishing and hiking.
  • Golf hats and caps are perfect for promoting sports apparel companies or brands sponsoring your event on the green. Your logo is embroidered on popular hat styles among golf players, like visors or mesh caps.
  • Baseball caps are another popular style for both sports and everyday use. These come in different types such as unstructured, twill, trucker, and many more.

Which is the best back closure?

The hat closure will determine how you open and adjust the hat to fit your head size. The closure options are divided into non-adjustable and adjustable closures. As the name suggests, non-adjustable closures can't be closed at the back of the hat. Non-adjustable styles are typically used in sports like golf, tennis, soccer, and baseball.

Hat Backs

A fitted closure falls under the non-adjustable type. This comes in a specific head size like medium, large, and extra-large. If you want to order this closure, make sure to get the head circumference of your team.

Adjustable hats come with straps, hooks and loops, or snaps at the back for easy adjustment. Your staff or team member can easily loosen or tighten the cap if it doesn't fit their head.

Snapback caps are adjusted using the buttons that can be snapped at the back. They are typically made of plastic but also come with metal closures.

Hook and Loop caps are adjusted using its namesake's two parts. If a fastener is involved, then you can simply press the two parts together. But the term typically refers to a velcro hook and loop, which is explained below.

Velcro closures are convenient to adjust compared to other adjustable hat types. It's a variation of the hook and loop closure that uses the namesake as the closure material. The velcro allows the hook and loop to easily cling onto each other. This adjustable closure is usually seen in kid-sized caps.

Do you prefer a specific brand?

If you're pressed for time and prefer to customize a brand known for its hats, you can choose the best style from these well-known apparel companies:

  • Richardson hats and caps are popular among corporate and sports teams.
  • New Era offers various styles for any occasion, including snapback caps, mesh styles, adjustable structured caps, and many more.
  • The pro athletes use Nike for its cooling, moisture-wicking Dri-FIT technology. They're also a practical choice for staff that need to endure hot weather while on the job.
  • Adidas caps come with their iconic logo, letting your design sit right beside the famous brand

Custom Hat Brands

Where will you place your logo?

If you're customizing hats for the whole crew, your logo needs to stand out and be immediately seen. Customers need to identify your employees, whether in your office or while they're out on the field. Placing your logo at the center is also essential at events for brand recall. For merchandise, you'll be giving away. However, it might be better to keep it subtle and have a smaller logo size on the hat.

All caps and hats showcase a logo using the embroidery method. The method converts your logo's details into stitch patterns that result in a three-dimensional decoration and a clean, professional look.

Now that you've considered what your custom hat design needs, you're probably wondering, "where can I design my hat?" LogoSportswear lets you create and preview your logo online with its custom hat designer. You can easily upload elements from your computer and combine them straight on your browser. Start sourcing for the best hat today and see your design come to life.