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Polos & Dress Shirts - Perfect for Customer Service

When a guest walks into your hotel, you want everything to be perfect. Your brand image should shine through in the décor, the level of customer service and the appearance of your staff. Custom hospitality uniforms allow you to create the right image for your brand, which will help you bring guests back for another stay.


The most versatile uniform shirt option is the polo shirt. Employees appear accessible yet professional, putting guests at ease. They are ideal for a small B&B, a large hotel, and everything in between. Polos work well for employees in many areas of the business, including front desk agents, health spa attendants and wait staff.

Short sleeve polos are the most common selection, available in a variety of colors and styles. We also have long sleeve options for cooler weather and performance polos for when it gets warm (available in both short and long sleeves). Polos can be personalized on the left and right chest areas and below the back collar, depending on their design.

Brands: Dress Shirts

Custom dress shirts offer a more sophisticated look. They can be used for guest relations, wait staff or many other members of your team. You might choose to use dress shirts as a way to distinguish between different roles or job titles within your business, such as putting managers in dress shirts and other employees in polo shirts. This can let guests know at a glance with whom they are speaking.

To make sure your staff always looks good when guests arrive, consider easy care shirts. They don't wrinkle easily and are machine washable, making them ideal for daily uniform wear. Performance dress shirts can keep employees cool and dry if they are active or working outdoors.

Hotels and restaurants based in warmer climates should look into custom fishing and camp shirts. These shirts will also keep your crew cool but can add a whimsical or rustic look to the uniform.

Our dress shirts are available in a variety of fabrics and patterns. Carefully consider these options when choosing your uniform shirts. You want to be sure that your logo will stand out on the shirt and won't compete with the color or pattern you've chosen. For assistance in selecting the best custom dress shirt options for your organization, please call our helpful sales reps at 877-535-5646, Mon. - Fri. 8:00am - 6:00pm EST.

Brands: Complementary Items:

Dress Pants, Aprons, Sweaters

The Dirt on Housekeeping Uniforms

One of the most important aspects of running a hotel is keeping everything neat and tidy. If a room looks dingy, you will likely lose repeat business. You want the folks doing this work to look as great as the rooms they clean.

Custom housekeeper uniforms should be lightweight, machine washable, offer unrestricted movement and include several pockets to hold necessary supplies. There are many options to choose from, including:

Tunics Smocks Aprons

All of these items can be customized with your logo to build a consistent brand throughout your company.

A Recipe for Success - Chef Uniforms

From large dine-in restaurants to small kitchens with room service, you want your chefs to look their best. A professionally-dressed chef suggests high-quality food and could be the difference between your guests eating in or hitting the town.


A chef's coat is a source of pride for many in the food service industry. It's a symbol of respect that indicates impeccable service and first-class dining. Choose from several styles to outfit your kitchen staff, including:

Add your logo to any of the above options to complete the look and suggest a dining experience above the rest.


Custom aprons give your kitchen staff somewhere to quickly wipe their hands without interrupting food prep or cooking. They help to keep uniforms clean, so your chef can come out to greet your guests without food stains on his coat.

Aprons are also important for your wait staff, providing space for straws, pens or notepads to keep their hands free for food and drinks.

Mix and match apron styles to keep your whole staff covered:

Complementary Items:

Chef Pants, Hats, NeckerChiefs

Decoration Options

Embroidery is the most popular decoration option for travel & hospitality uniforms. It holds up well against heavy wear and looks great on everything from polos and dress shirts to chef coats. As the embroidery experts, we'll make sure your logo looks professional on every item you purchase.

Add your logo with laser etching to create a clean, precise, upscale look on polos, sweater or blankets that is unique and will set your hotel apart. Our sales reps can offer suggestions on additional products that would look amazing when decorated by laser etching.

We also offer print, which works well on lightweight fabrics. It's great for logos and designs featuring more intricate details.

For more information on decoration options, please visit our Personalization FAQ page or call our sales reps at 877-535-5646, Mon. - Fri. 8:00am - 6:00pm EST.