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Getting the Right Work Pants

You've got a lot of work to do, and need pants that can keep up with your day. For your custom ranch and farm wear, you need work pants that are functional, comfortable and, most importantly, durable.

Our custom work pants are designed to help you on the job. Look for pants made of cotton duck, a heavy-duty fabric that can stand up to your day without holding you down. Double-stitch seams help prevent the fabric from unraveling. Also, note the number of belt loops. Pants with 6 or more loops are less likely to ride up or slide down during constant bending, stretching and lifting. The placement of the loops is just as important. Belt loops provide added stability when placed on the seam. You can find all of the aforementioned features in the Red Kap Duck Dungaree.

Work Shirt Options

Due to the physical nature of ranch and farm work, you need custom work shirts that offer unconstrained mobility, breathability and durability. Choose from a wide variety of button ups, polos and t-shirts that can get the job done.

Wicking technology, found in dry performance tees and polos, pulls sweat away from the body to keep you cool when you're working hard. Long sleeve options can keep you warm in the colder months while also protecting you from the sun.

Plaid and denim work shirts are popular right now, and look even better when customized with your logo or design!

Learn More about Work Jackets

You work outdoors all year long. There are no breaks when it's cold or stormy, so you need a work jacket that can withstand all the elements. We offer the highest quality jacket options from brands you trust, such as Carhartt, Dickies, and Dri Duck.

There are different choices for work jacket liners to accommodate all temperature ranges. The three main liner options are quilted, blanket and Sherpa. You can choose the liner that best suits your particular working conditions.

Another factor to consider regarding warmth is the length of the garment and whether it is open or closed at the bottom. Coats are generally considered the warmest option since they cover a larger portion of the body but their length may limit mobility. Some work jackets feature rib knit waistbands to trap heat inside, like the Cheyenne Canvas Work Jacket by Dri Duck. Open bottom jackets, like the Carhartt's Sandstone Sierra Jacket, allow for more movement and will not ride up your back.

Heavy weight work vestare another option for added warmth and protection. Made from the same material as work jackets, vests let you layer up with a sweatshirt or long sleeve t-shirt without sacrificing mobility.

Many custom workwear jackets are coated with water-resistant material to protect against rain or snow so your workers will look good and be safe in any weather.

Decoration Options

Embroidery is the most popular option for decorating custom ranch and farm wear due to thicker fabric options and required durability. You can place your logo or design on the left and right chest areas, and even the entire back of certain jackets.

Another decoration option is print, which can be used on work shirts or t-shirts and is ideal for businesses with a more intricate logo or design.

For all available decoration options or to answer any questions, please visit our Personalization FAQ page. If need additional information or would like to talk to someone one-on-one, please contact our helpful sales reps at 877-535-5646, Mon. - Fri. 8:00am - 6:00pm EST.