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The upcoming elections are expected to set new records when it comes to the investments on political campaign products and election t-shirts, caps and LogoSportswear. In addition to the Presidential election, there are 33 Senate races, 435 seats in the House of Representatives and 11 gubernatorial posts to be decided.

Every political campaign will need to outfit their staff members and supporters in custom sportswear. As a result, we have launched a new political campaign products page.

If you aren’t sure what your campaign needs, take a look at our Political Products Buyers’ Guide which offers information on all the products you need to run a top notch campaign.

The U.S. Olympic opening-ceremony uniforms made by Ralph Lauren generated lots of controversy since the uniforms were made in China. This led to a call that would require government agencies to only buy made in the USA clothing. And since American unemployment is so high we expect there to be a large demand for custom usa made t-shirts and apparel from candidates for office this Fall season.

usa made apparel

From the manufacturing of the t-shirts, caps and clothing to the custom decoration, we offer custom made USA apparel–all done within the United States. Support your country and order made in USA made apparel for the new election season or for that next patriotic event.

Custom USA Made T-shirts

Custom Election T-Shirt Designs

Custom USA Made Caps

Custom USA Made Jackets


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