More Back-To-School Sportswear Choices Than Ever!

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Custom School Sportswear
Nobody offers more custom team and school sportswear choices, and more decoration options, than LogoSportswear. This season we have added lots of new products to our site plus new Back-To-School web features that make ordering school and team sportswear online more convenient than ever.

Sports and School Packs
We have created custom school spirit packs and team sports packs that build spirit and make your school and team stand out from competition. We have pre-selected our best school sportswear for you to purchase in bulk. Our school packs and sports packs are great for teams, schools, booster clubs and parent associations. With our special school packs the more you buy, the more you save. You get quantity discounts and big savings. You can even resell school packs as a fundraiser by creating a free Share & Sell store.

School Spirit Packs and School Spirit Gear

Team Sports Packs and Team Sports Player Packs


Our site also allows you to search for custom school shirts and custom team uniforms by your specific school colors.

It has never been easier to shop-by-color. This feature is especially good when your school shirt colors are a little out of the ordinary. We make it easy to shop for colors such as columbia blue, purple, cardinal red, pink,
maroon, orange, vegas gold, and brown.

Shop By Color For Custom School Shirts

Shop By Color For Custom Team Jerseys and Custom Team Uniforms

Share and Sell

Lastly our Share & Sell™ shop building service empowers booster clubs, schools, sports leagues, and teams to Design, Share & Sell custom sports player packs using our Online Designers and e-commerce tools — all with zero costs and zero inventory investment. It is fun and easy to open a store. Take a look at some sample stores for ideas.

Sample Sports Shirt Shops

Sample School Shirt Shops

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