Improve Performance When You Work & Play Hard Outdoors

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More and more people who work outdoors or participate in recreational activities realize the benefits of wearing performance sportswear. Moisture wicking polyester fabric wicks keeps you dry and gives you more energy–for longer periods of time.

Landscapers, painters, roofers, carpenters and other outdoor workers can improve energy and performance and can become walking billboards for their companies by customizing our wicking, dry performance t-shirts.

Sports and fitness enthusiasts already know the benefits of moisture wicking dry performance wear. Our Dry performance shirts, polos, and team uniforms are mostly made of polyester yarns and are engineered to wick moisture and transport it to the outside of the fabric.

To decorate your polyester shirts, traditional screen printing or cad printing covers fabric with ink or film, making it difficult for air or moisture to pass through. Dye sublimation printing, on the other hand, maintains a fabric’s ‘wicking’ characteristics.

Sublimation printing penetrates the fibers of the fabric when heated. After the heat is removed, the polyester molecules will close and permanently trap the sublimation dyes. The image gets indelibly transferred to the polyester garment. When the fabric cools the fibers close and permanently retain the brilliant color of the sublimation dye.

One important note is that dye sublimation does have limitations in that it only works with light colored shirts and can not be used for designs that require white printing.

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