The Mass Customization Trend

Posted by Jeffm

Henry Ford built a car that the average worker could afford and to accomplish this he created the mass production model. Ford once said “that people could have their Model T in any color they want – so long as it’s black.” A century later, this one size fits all model doesn’t satisfy today’s customer.

Back in 1995 when I started LogoSportswear I realized that sooner or later the forces of computer design, e-commerce and digital printing would enable custom sportswear without minimums or setups. And every year since, the promise of this new business paradigm, often called Mass Customization, has grown to fruition and allows us to deliver more and more custom sportswear choices with near mass production prices and efficiency.

The mass customization trend is happening across all industries. Examples include Dell’s made-to-order “personal computers,” Mini Cooper’s mass customized cars, and you even create a custom mattress by choosing the materials, softness, dimensions, and features for a personalized experience.

The Wall Street Journal discusses the mass customization trend in article today called “The Rise of Holiday Me-tailers.”

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