Why Dye Sublimate Dry Performance Sportswear?

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Most companies in the promotional products industry struggle with custom apparel merchandising. They lack the in-house design and production know how that enables us to offer more custom sportswear choices, without minimums and setups.

It takes apparel FOCUS to keep up with market trends such as new styles, fabrications, decoration options and online design/merchandising technologies. That is why we are considered a leader in our industry.

A big trend today in active sportswear is dry performance or moisture management apparel. Dry performance t-shirts, polos, team uniforms, etc are mostly made of polyester yarns and are engineered to wick moisture away from the skin and transport it to the outside of the fabric. These products keep you cool and dry. We offer both compression and loose, relaxed dry performance wear.

Traditional screen printing or cad printing covers fabric with ink or film, making it difficult for air or moisture to pass through. Dye sublimation printing, on the other hand, maintains a fabric’s ‘wicking’ characteristics.

When sublimation dye is placed next to polyester and heated, the polyester molecules open. The sublimation dye turns into a gas and then penetrates the fibers of the fabric when heated. After the heat is removed, the polyester molecules will close and permanently trap the sublimation dyes. The image gets indelibly transferred to the polyester garment. When the fabric cools the fibers close and permanently retain the brilliant color of the sublimation dye.

dye sublimation jerseys and sportswear

Dye sublimation is permanent and becomes part of the fabric. It makes a t-shirt or jersey a light weight, breathable feel and rich, long lasting, brilliant full color. We GUARANTEE that it won’t ever crack or peel.

One important note is that dye sublimation does have limitations in that it only works with light colored shirts and can not be used for designs that require white printing.

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