Are You Ready For Some (American) Football?

Posted by Jeffm

Some Americans are making it a sport to criticize the World Cup for lack of excitement and scoring. I have to disagree. Though I don’t like the dives and the referee baiting by the players, I think the subtleties of the game make it a beautiful game to watch. And Spain, the Champion, clearly played the most beautiful soccer of all.

Even though the US couldn’t advance to the quarters the event was able to draw a huge American audience. The combined audience for Sunday’s World Cup final on ABC and Univision was 24.3 million viewers, the largest U.S. audience for a soccer match, and almost 6 million more than the combined audience in England. The sport will continue to grow in America as our next generation is was exposed to the highest level of play.

For many, the end of the World Cup signals a new beginning. Are you ready for some football? American style football that is and clearly our number one sport. Players and fans are already getting ready for the season. Recreational leagues, high schools, colleges and the NFL will soon kickoff the season. One thing you can be sure of is that is ready to oufit players and fans as well.

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