New Design, Share & Sell Social Commerce Service (Beta)

Posted by Jeffm

I am excited to announce that we have launched a beta version of our new social commerce service, Share & Sell. This new, free service allows visitors to unleash their creativity to design and sell tshirts online on their own personal web spaces.


Many of you have used our Online Designer. In fact in 2007 along over (355K) shirt designs have been created using the designer. The designs take many forms from uploaded computer graphics to photos to customized designs using our library of thousands of free t-shirt design templates,

To take advantage of our Share & SellTM service and to sell tshirts online, customers need only create a design, register as an account and then use our template driven Widgets (self-contained sell applications) or Swickis (social media widgets) to transform shirt designs instantly into an online shop.

Our Share & SellTM service has zero costs and zero inventory investment. Set-up is fast and we manage every aspect including shop building, hosting, order management, fulfillment, secure payment processing, and customer service. It is a great way for websites to monetize their traffic. Our affiliates will earn 15% commissions for each sale coming in through their Widget. They need only to share and promote their shop to friends and visitors on their site.

The forces of Mass Personalization, Social Media and User-Generated Commerce are colliding and we are hoping this program generates viral and syndication buzz in the social communities. To learn more about our Share & SellTM service and sell shirts and sell tshirts online:

Colliding Trends: Social Media and User-Generated Commerce

Posted by Jeffm

My apologies for not posting to my Blog for awhile. Two things have kept me quite occupied. First, we are having a banner year in 2007 and managing a growing small business is full of challenges. I am humbled by the support of our customers and grateful to our employees for working so hard this year.

Perhaps the biggest challenge we face as a company is to continue to innovate and stay competitive on the internet which evolves at such a dizzying pace. It is truly an “Eat or be eaten market.”

I once heard that when the rate of change in a market exceeds the rate of change inside your company then you have lost your edge. Well I can promise you we will not be complacent. We are conditioned to eat change as a part of our daily diet here at LogoSportswear.

The second reason why I have been away from this blog is that we have been hard at work changing our websites and marketing in order to leverage the new social media and networking opportunities that are taking over the internet like wildfire.

What are we doing? Learning lots about Social Media and User-Generated Commerce. We have been hard at work developing online tools and platforms for customers and visitors to share designs, opinions and experiences. Our new customer review and feedback surveys are being read by all our employees so that they stay conscious about what their part is to ensure our ultimate goal of providing a quality product that exceeds expectations.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Soon we will announce a new service that captures the merging trends of Social Media and User-Generated Commerce. Please stay tuned………….

New Offers Back-to-School, Spiritwear Design Technology

Posted by Jeffm

Our company’s culture is built upon innovation.

Broadband internet access coupled with new Web 2.0 tools and techniques are changing how customers interact on the web. We have been developing new rich interaction technology and it can now be seen on our new site,, launched in time for the back-to-school season. The site offers students, teachers, coaches, family and alumni the opportunity to design and purchase customized school, team, and class apparel online.

State-of-the-art, on-demand, digital imaging technology enables users to view and customize school spiritwear designs from over fifty thousand K-12 schools. The magic begins when you select your specific school. Our software automatically generates PERSONALIZED designs incorporating school-specific colors and mascots. The fun continues when you personalize text, designs, and sports themes. There is an infinite number of designs you can create. You will be amazed at this design technology.

The Spiritwear design and creation process is very simple to use. There is no need to download multiple Web pages. And our unique print-on-demand and embroidery-on-demand production makes it possible to buy SchoolSportswear, without minimum order or setup requirements.

Enjoy the magic of personalized, SchoolSportswear. Your comments and feedback are always welcome.

The Most Significant eCommerce Developments Over The Last Decade

Posted by Jeffm

The Software & Information Industry Association unveiled its top-ten most significant e-commerce developments of the decade. It should be no great surprise that Google properties made up three of the top 10.

Thankfully these developments have helped our company and other companies across the internet to grow. Of particular importance to us is number eight, User-Generated Content. Flickr, YouTube, and yes even us offer a new form of collaborative production that has revolutionized markets.

This “Customer-Made” trend can be seen our home page. Since the advent of our Online Designers, our customers have created well over 100,000 designs–the most recent of which are now featured regularly on our home page.

SIIA Press Release

1. . Google (Sept. 1998): Google did more to fundamentally change the way we use the Internet than any other event in the last 10 years. The simple search engine that began with a couple of smart guys is now used by 30% of Internet users to help find precisely what we’re looking for online, map our world, create simple yet highly targeted advertisements and much more. Americans conducted 6.9 billion searches online in February 2007 and nearly half of those were on Google

2. Broadband Penetration of US Internet Users Reaches 50% (June 2004): When the Information Superhighway first opened, it felt more like an old dirt road – until broadband released its full potential. Available and affordable broadband took longer than expected to arrive – but when it finally reached 50% penetration in 2004, a milestone was reached that signaled a dramatic change in how commerce gets done online, how consumers use and share content, and how the world communicates. It took broadband roughly 4 years to reach 50% – but it is estimated that it will reach 90% penetration of Internet users by the end of the year.

3. eBay Auctions (Launched Sept. 1997): eBay showed us that the Internet could be used to reach massive national — and even global — markets better and faster than ever before. The launch empowered hundreds of thousands of power sellers to quit their day jobs and work exclusively online. Individuals could also compete directly with each other in ways unimaginable in a physical market.

4. (IPO May 1997): Amazon showed the world what an online store would look like and made online shopping popular through its ease of use and wide selection. Amazon’s public offering told the world that online commerce is legitimate and here to stay. It signaled the increasingly important role that e-commerce would play in the American economy.

5. Google Ad Words (2000) Key word advertising has become the biggest online advertising vehicle, representing 40 percent of that market and $6.8 billion in revenue. Keyword ads are the simplest and most cost-effective mechanism to reach targeted audiences, affordable to even the smallest business.

6. Open Standards (HTML 4.0 released – 1997): The standards for the web embodied in HTML are overseen by the World Wide Web Consortium, which is not controlled by any company or government. The formats are open, well documented and designed to work with different software and hardware. It has probably been the most influential and important data standard in the history of publishing. Open standards can grow an entire industry, leaving more room and more opportunity for everyone.

7. Wi-Fi (802.11 launched – 1997): From desk to board room to beach, connectivity is never lost and communication is never delayed. The development of Wi-Fi removed the limitations of desktops and cables and shifted focus toward mobile solutions. Wireless Internet enabled road warriors to be connected anywhere in industries like real estate, transportation, travel, and financial services.

8. User-Generated Content (YouTube 2005): Right now it is impossible to say what the full ramifications of the “citizen journalist” era will be – but the dramatic impact of YouTube tells us more than any other recent development. At first a playground for kids with video cameras, YouTube is now the embodiment of Web 2.0. It is a must-be-seen place for presidential candidates, a battleground in the copyright wars, a vital distribution point for major media – and most of all, a place where anyone…absolutely anyone…can deliver a message to the world.

9. iTunes (2001): In the aftermath of Napster and the P2P battles, iTunes legitimized the digital music industry, revolutionizing the music industry. The importance of CDs declined while music as digital content grew, leading to developments in everything from Digital Rights Management software to increased bandwidth use. Today, more than US$2 billion worth of music was sold online or through mobile phones in 2006 (trade revenues), almost doubling the market in the last year. Digital sales now account for around 10% of the music market

10. BlackBerry (1999): The BlackBerry makes communication instantaneous, and mobile. A comprehensive communications device creates a new mobile business culture. Giving road warriors the freedom to move to any location and maintain connectivity increases cooperation and efficiency. By having the web in the palm of your hand, Internet connected devices enable ecommerce anywhere, anytime.

Good Domain Names Grow In Importance

Posted by Jeffm

Even if you did not get in on the ground floor during the early domain gold rush, there are still many opportunities to secure good domain names. What makes for a good domain? Look for natural generic brand, easy to remember, clear, concise, and descriptive domains. And the consensus is that .com suffixes are by far the most important.

In addition to branding and “nichendising” opportunities, good domains offer “type-in” traffic that occurs when browsers type in a domain name and directly navigate to your websites. It is estimated that 15% of all traffic comes from typed-in domain names. And studies have shown that surfers who type in a domain into a browser are more likely to make a purchase than other paths.

The domain industry has evolved into big business. Many good domains have been taken up by speculators who are willing to sell them to you for the right price. For information on purchasing these domains you can visit

Another resource is, which is a free resource offering information on any domain like age, inbound links, Alexa traffic rank, and the Google PageRank. It even has an interesting appraisal feature that you can try either on your own domains or domains you may be considering for purchase.

As pioneer on the internet, was fortunate to have recognized early the value of simple, descriptive and industry-specific domain names.

We now have a stable of over (100) domain names that includes,,,,,,, and the list goes on.

Of course we know that while domains will help us with MicroSites or type in traffic, conversion and customer loyalty will only come from great site usability, merchandising, and customer service.

Store Your Designs And Orders In Your Own Personalized LogoLocker

Posted by Jeffm

We take pride in offering convenient ways to customize our products without minimum or set-up requirements.
Now it’s even easier to manage your custom product designs with your own Personal LogoLocker and Account Page.
Here are the benefits of signing up for your own LogoLocker:

Order History
Search past orders, check shipment tracking.

Manage Your Favorite Designs
Access & manage your favorite saved designs.

Account Info
Change or update your account information.

Sign up for your own Personal LogoLocker here

$20. Off Personalized Gifts For Mom, Dad, Weddings & Grad

Posted by Jeffm

May is the month that starts important family events all over the country. If you are looking for a special gift consider personalized gifts and custom t-shirts. Now through the month of May we are offering $20. off on a $100+ purchase.

Custom T-shirts

Use our Shirt Designer to create a one-of-a-kind shirt.

Mothers Day T-shirts and Gifts

Fathers Day T-shirts and Gifts

Personalized Wedding Gifts

Personalized wedding gifts

Family Reunion T-shirt Designs

Class T-shirt Designs

The Masters Kicks Off Our LogoGolfwear Sale Season

Posted by Jeffm

We always kick off our Golf promotions at the same time as The Masters, which begins tomorrow. Even the most casual golf fan can appreciate the history and brilliance of The Masters. TV coverage begins on the USA Network on Thursday and Friday from 4-11 pm EST and Saturday and Sunday on CBS.

The Masters inspires many of us to get to the driving range and start working on that new and improved golf swing–I am still trying to figure out how my slice turned into a hook : )

We are offering specials of up to 50% Off on golf items and golf tournament kits so make a point to visit our our golf MicroSite,

We carry Nike Golf, Adidas Golf, Titlelist, Ping and other innovative brands and products. At The Masters you can be sure that Tiger will be sporting the lastest Nike Golf while Sergio will be decked out in Adidas Golf. Our logo golf apparel offers each brand’s selection of technical fabrics offering moisture wicking to keep you cool and dry and UV-coatings that keep the sun’s harmful rays from burning your skin.

We also can personalize golf balls with your logos, photos and or special events without minimum orders. These make for great Mother’s and Father’s Day gifts.

My pick for The Masters? I can’t pick against Tiger. My guess is that we will be seeing him down the stretch and in contention again come Sunday afternoon. He is so good it almost makes you think that each Sunday Tiger stars in his own weekly reality series that has actually been scripted from the beginning.

New Golf Specials

Custom Team Uniforms Will Never Be The Same

Posted by Jeffm

Every day we work hard to improve the online experience of our customers. Ever since we launched the web’s first LogoSportswear site, back in 1996, we have consistently brought new innovations to our markets.

Today we are introducing new, Online Team Uniform Design technologies that make designing, proofing and ordering team jerseys, without minimum orders or setups, incredibly easy.

When you browse our site you can select any team jersey and then personalize it by choosing team layout designs, team colors and player numbers and names, by jersey size. A visual representation of the team jersey is dynamically generated for you to proof and team quantity discounts are automatically calculated for convenient purchasing.

Today we also introduce a new line of full color, dye sublimated team uniforms and jerseys. Up to now, this breakthrough digital printing process has only been available in the cycling industry—with high, restrictive set-up fees and minimum orders.

We now offer sublimated team uniforms and jerseys without minimum order or setup restrictions. Dye sublimation is permanent and becomes part of the fabric. It makes a uniform very light weight, breathable and we GUARANTEE that it won’t ever crack or peel. Traditional screen printing covers fabric with ink, making it nearly impossible for air or moisture to pass through. Dye sublimation maintain a fabrics ‘wicking’ characteristics. In short, you get the highest quality custom made jersey, in rich, long lasting, brilliant full color.

Go ahead and see for yourself. Click here to design your own sublimated team uniforms and jerseys online.

Posted by Jeffm

Custom t-shirts give the biggest bang for your promotional buck. Offer a t-shirt giveaway at a tradeshow and I am always amazed
to see successful, time-starved business execs waiting in line to bring home a FREE t-shirt–branded with your logo.

Need more convincing? See what marketing whiz, Mark Cuban, says about the lessons of promotional T-shirt giveaways at Dallas Mavericks games.

If you are going to do promotional t-shirts this year know that FULL COLOR printed shirts will be the most coveted for 2007. And know that our new MicroSite, offers simple, quick, and affordable ways for you to produce high-quality, professional looking full color printed shirts and totes.

Traditional t-shirt screen printing requires high set-up costs and often restrictive minimum order requirements and is not efficient for full color, digitally produced designs. Our investment in digital, direct-to-garment printing, allows us to offer vibrant FULL color designs and photo prints never before offered–without minimum order or setup restrictions!

And we have the fastest turnaround in the industry. Normal processing for all shirts and totes is 4-6 days and we can even split that in half with our Super FastTrack processing.

Online T-shirt Designer

Of course a professional looking design is what makes a t-shirt special and we know not everyone has graphics capabilities. That is why we supply thousands of t-shirt designs templates from which you can choose and customize with special text and colors.
Test drive our Online Shirt Designer and conveniently design, proof and order printed t-shirts, sweatshirts and tote bags. And for a limited time, buy just 48-Pieces and Get our 96-Piece price.

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