Test Drive Our New, Online T-shirt Designer

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Web 2.0 is a fusion between technology and e-commerce that makes online applications faster and more efficient. This year we have developed some great Online Design Software using Web 2.0 technology that enables you to conveniently design, proof and order printed t-shirts, team uniforms and custom embroidered sportswear.

Last blog I told you about our Online Embroidery Design tool. Since its introduction, we have gotten rave reviews. Use it to get a visual representation of your embroidery design to review and proof. You can personalize text, fonts, add embroidery clipart, and choose thread colors.

Today I am proud to announce the introduction of our new Online T-Shirt Design tool. Our T-shirt Designer makes it simple to create and proof your own custom shirt design fast. You can personalize a t-shirt by uploading your own photo or you can start from scratch and use our fonts, clipart and color tools. Since we print on state-of-the-art direct-to-garment digital printers, there’s no concern for color limitations or screen setups.

If you are looking for great cutting edge, full color graphics, you can select from our professional t-shirt design templates and create your own unique look by adding your colors and name into the design template. As you update your design, changes are dynamically generated for quick proofing without having to refresh the page’s browser each time.

Our Custom Design T-shirt Templates Are Great For Teams and Schools

Sports Designs

School Designs

Mascot Designs

Try it and design your own t-shirt today. I guarantee you will like it, it is an incredible tool. I look forward to hearing your feedback.

Test Drive Our T-shirt Designer Now

Our Focus On Customer Experience (And Your Satisfaction)

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Like many e-commerce companies, we believed that generating more traffic to our websites should be our most important priority. After all, higher traffic will ensure for new customers and higher sales, right?

Not necessarily. We have come to realize that while traffic is important, converting traffic into long-term customer relationships is more important. The internet is a wonderful tool and the user is in complete control. If websites do not offer a good experience then customers won’t come back.

Our team at LogoSportswear has spent the last few months studying the user experience. We have found that improving the user experience takes a blend of art and science and is more evolutionary than revolutionary. I am happy to say that our efforts have resulted in hundreds of small improvements that we think will make a BIG difference to our customer experience.

We have re-designed our site, including our home page, added new merchandise and we offer regular sales promotions for site stickiness. One example is a new, every day promotion offering FREE custom logo embroidery set-up FREE. (a $95. value), when customers purchase just (6) of any style garment. We decided we are willing to invest on the first sale to gain a satisfied customer for life!

We have also introduced new Online Design Software that offers customers the ability to design, proof and order team uniforms, printed and embroidered products online.

Our new Online Embroidery Design technology is a the first to be introduced in our industry! Once you choose an item you wish to have embroidered, you can either upload your custom logo, choose fembroidery clipart and enter text information in whatever font and thread color choices you wish. Our software will dynamically create a visual of the embroidery design to review and proof. Try it, you will like it, it is an incredible tool!

Sample of Embroidery Design Tool

We are getting great results from our initiatives. Customer satisfaction is up and sales and conversions through our shopping cart has tripled in first six months of this year. If you haven’t formulated a customer experience initiative for your internet company, I highly recommend that you do it now.

We know that our our customer experience initiative will never end as there is no end to continuous improvement. Most importantly though is our pledge to listen to our customers. If you have any suggestions please let me know. We would love to put your suggestion to work for you.


Search Is Still Growing Strong

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At almost every marketing conference I have attended this past year, I hear some variation of the same question, “Will internet search soon peak?” Eight months ago I was wrote that internet search was poised for lots of growth. Is search still growing? The answer is a resounding yes, search is still growing strong!

Does anyone NOT google once a day, or even once an hour? According to Internet media research company Nielsen//NetRatings, searches on Google and Yahoo! in March grew 41% and 47%, respectively, compared with the year-earlier period. The total number of searches in the U.S. conducted across 60 search engines grew 55% to 5.10 billion in December 2005, compared with 3.30 billion in December 2004. The average web user is now conducting almost 50 searches a month, up 30% from 33.2 searches a year ago.

Search usage in increasing, in part because of broadband penetration and, in part because of the growth of image searches. Searches initiated specifically for images, photos and graphics is exploding. Among search verticals, image search experienced the strongest year-over-year growth at 91%. Google accounted for 71.9% of image search, followed by Yahoo (19.1%), Ask.com (3.5%). MSN (2.3%) and AOL (1.4%).

Fortunately our company’s web traffic has grown even faster than search. And more and more of our pages are showing up for image and photo searches.

If you are marketing a product on the web and want to be a leader in your field, you NEED to rank high on search engines. The importance of top rankings is important beyond traffic referrals. Brand equity is conveyed upon companies at the top of search rankings. According to a 2006 study conducted by Jupiter Research, 36% of search engine users believe that companies listed at the top of results are the top brands or “industry leaders” in their fields.

Our customers already regard LogoSportswear.com and TeamSportswear.com as industry leaders. Our high search rankings offer our employees an incredible opportunity to prove to new customers, each and every day, that our products and services are the best in the business.

Masters Golf Tournament Kicks Off New LogoGolfwear.com

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This coming weekend marks the 70th year of the Master golf tournament. Golf fans can watch lots of live and taped tournament coverage on USA Network and CBS-TV beginning on Thursday.

You can even get shot-by-shot coverage on the internet at: www.masters.org. For many golfers, the Masters also kicks off their own golf season. And it is no coincidence that our golf site, LogoGolfwear.com, sees big traffic spikes beginning this weekend.

We have made some great new updates on this site and I encourage you to visit. We carry the top brands in golf, Nike, Adidas, Titlelist and Ping and the most innovative new products that can be co-branded with your company or team name and logo.

Ever wondered how Tiger Woods or Sergio Garcia look so cool during the heat of competition? Some of it has to do with the technical advancements of the performance golfwear and fabrics they wear these days. New moisture wicking golf shirts are designed to keep you cool and dry. Our logo golf shirts offer UV-coated fabrics that can keep the sun’s harmful rays from burning your skin. And new fabrics extend to all apparel categories, MicroFiber windshirts are now quieter and lighter than ever.

Here’s to taking off a few handicap strokes this year!

Logo Golf Shirts & Golf Tournament Gifts

Nike Golf Clothing and Nike Golf Bags

Adidas Golf Apparel

Putting on a golf outing this year? Ssave up to 50% on custom golf towels, umbrellas and more!


Print Amazing Products From Your Digital Shoebox

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The marketplace is changing so fast! I recently visited the Photo Marketing Assoc. annual show and was amazed at the new developments in the digital photo imaging market.

Sales of digital cameras continue to grow. IDC reports that people are taking more shots than ever — an average of 75 images per month, up from about 50 per month last year. The number of cameraphones sold almost doubled in 2005 and will explode soon as new 3-5 megapixel cameraphones will soon take over the market. Some are even forecasting that every American will have a cameraphone by 2010.

Many of you have already created a “digital shoebox” of photos on your PC (or photo storing site). Forrester says sharing photos via email is actually the fourth most popular online activity. These photos can not only be shared electronically but can be printed and displayed in many innovative, new formats.

Any computer or digital camera creation can now be printed on state-of-the-art digital printers, in large formats, at incredibly sharp resolutions. Companies can print digital images for company achievements, sales meetings, and golf tournaments. Families can print images for graduations, anniversaries, family get togethers, vacations, other events.

To fill the demand, we have just launched a new personalized photo gifts site: www.PersonalizeProducts.com.

I have already told you about our direct-to-garment digital art t-shirt printing. This technology is changing the printing t-shirt industry forever. I encourage you to visit this page as we have just added new product and have reduced our prices on our full color and photo tshirts by 25%.

Photo Tshirts & Photo Sweatshirts

Another of our new product introductions worth noting is our custom print canvas art. You can now get the look and feel of a hand made original painting– printed on natural canvas texture and gallery wrapped–at a fraction of the price of a commissioned oil painting! You got to see this new technology to believe it!

Custom Print Canvas Art

I would love to hear from you about ideas on how you or your company have leveraged your digital shoebox.

Miss The Internet Boom? The Next Wave Is Coming.

Posted by Jeffm

Maybe you should have seen the internet coming sooner. However, that is even more reason for you to get off the sidelines and into the game.
The internet will prove to be the distribution channel of the decade. We still have the next five years to leverage it.

Consider these recent internet stats:

· Broadband has reached critical mass (41 percent of US online households in 2005, expected to reach 50% by 2011). Consumers with
broadband use the Internet an average of 17.3 hours per week, compared to 10.6 hours for those with dial-up connections. The greater time
spent online correlates to more online searching, shopping and purchasing.

· Search engine use continues to grow. Whoever said that we would reach a finite number of searches hasn’t seen that the total number of
searches in the U.S. conducted across 60 search engines grew 55% to 5.10 billion in December 2005, compared with 3.30 billion in December
2004 (Nielsen//NetRatings’ MegaView Search). The top three search engines experienced double-digit growth year over year. Google
Search grew 75% to 2.50 billion searches. Yahoo! Search grew 53% to 1.10 billion searches, and MSN Search increased 20% to 553.0 million.

· Online internet spending for 2005 gained 22 percent over 2004 spending according to comScore Networks. Apparel and accessories was one
of the fastest-growing categories, with a 36 percent gain over 2004 totals.

- According to Jupiter’s “U.S. Online Retail Forecast, 2005 to 2010,” the Internet will influence nearly half of total retail sales in 2010,
compared to just 27% in 2005. This projection combines total sales transacted online with those carried out off line but encouraged by online

What to do to participate in the next wave of growth. First, make the internet the CENTRAL focus on your sales and marketing plan. It if isn’t, then re-write your plan this month.

Next, create a seamless, multi-channel marketing plan that enables customers to buy online, through direct mail and catalogs and through your sales force. Give customers options and let your them use the channel that is most convenient to them.

A key to growth through the end of this decade will be shifting emphasis from obtaining new customers on the internet to increasing the spending of existing buyers through customer friendly, web-enabled tools. Think hard about your customer’s experience and find new, innovative ways to please them.

The internet and catalog distribution channels, though relatively small now, represent the fastest-growing segments of retail. Make sure you focus on these channels. A good start would be to attend The Largest Conference for Catalog, Internet & Multichannel Merchants, held in Chicago this coming May.


Show Your True Colors

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Ever notice that more and more companies are beginning to show their logos in living color? Full color logos offer maximum impact. According to Marketing Insights, color increases visibility and recall by up to 40%. Consider what Google’s logo would look like in one-color? Their unqiue, full color logo has helped the search engine giant to become the fastest growing company of all time.

It used to be too expensive to reproduce full color logos on letterhead, biz cards, t-shirts, banners and promotional products. That was then, and this is now. Digital printing technology has spawned cost effective ways to print full color logos and designs or photos that can be created digitally on a computer or a camera. If you look around you will no doubt notice more and more marketing collateral and products all around you.

The window of opportunity has openened for you to consider printing your logo in living color. Digital printers provide great color resolution at a very low price. I can assure you that my company is jumping on the full color bandwagon in a big way. We have recently updated our own logos to full color and will over the next month expand our full color product offerings. We are looking to re-invent our name, logo, products and BRAND into living, breathing, high impact full color!

We would like to use our experience to help you re-invent your corporate identity as well. We have invested in the very first direct-to-garment digital printers, full color printer/cutters and multi-head embroidery equipment. This equpment offers an array of full color products that will make your company stand out from your competitors. And our best asset, our graphics design team, can help you design a special high impact, full color design for your t-shirt or product..

A blog about color would not be complete without a color sportswear forecast for 2006. This Spring, look for COLOR to saturate the market with a range of hues that go from bright and sporty, to more subdued and sophisticated. Color brings excitement to both women’s wear and menswear in casual weekend knits and jackets, as well as office appropriate wovens and ties. Look for green-casted blues and blue-casted greens to dominate along with all shades of orange ranging from light coral to burnt orange.The palette is rounded out with cool resort colors of yellow, purple and green.

Full Color and Photo T-shirts

Digital Totes

Full Color Banners and Signs

Photo Golf Balls & Full Color Gifts