Back to School in Style, Part 3: Clubs & Athletics

Posted by Aerin

Custom Apparel for School Clubs and Athletics from LogoSportswear!

Wrapping up our Back to School focus, we want to take a look at different ways student clubs and athletic groups can utilize custom apparel & accessories throughout the school year.

A New Take on T-Shirts

Custom t-shirts are the standard for school activities, but your group will stand out if you choose unique styles like performance t-shirts, v-necks, fashion tees, or raglans. You’ll love how easy it is to add your own logo, design or artwork with our Online Designer!

Layer Up!

Custom layering options are great to keep club members warm any season while showcasing your club name or sport team. Consider hooded t-shirts or thermals for the Fall and a variety of custom sweats for Winter months.

Team Spirit

Athletic teams need uniforms, and we have something for every sport. Custom football jerseys, cheer uniforms, basketball warm-ups and so much more – you can find it all on TeamSportswear!

Remember to Accessorize

Clothes are great, but don’t forget about accessories! Add a logo or design to custom totes, drawstring bags, backpacks, duffels or caps so students can rep their favorite team or organization wherever they go.

Administrators can help all of their school clubs & sports teams coordinate custom gear for a unified look with unique touches for each group. Think of the yearbook photo possibilities!

Looking for design inspiration? We have thousands of free templates and clipart images available for print and embroidery decoration. Keep the creative juices flowing by browsing our LogoFans, and be sure to submit your own group photo after ordering for a chance to win $250 in custom apparel!

Designing custom apparel for an entire school might seem overwhelming, but we’re here to help! Our expert sales team is ready to assist with mixing & matching product styles and sizes, offer additional decoration locations not available online, and ensure that you receive the absolute best possible pricing on every order.

Check out all of our custom school apparel and give us a call toll free at 877-535-5646 to make sure you’re ready for the first day of classes. We look forward to working with you!

Back to School in Style, Part 2: Campus Life

Posted by Aerin

Custom Campus Apparel from LogoSportswear!

Take a quick stroll through a modern college campus and you’ll see that some things never change. You’ll find an abundance of custom hooded sweatshirts in school colors, some featuring athletic insignia while others note specific fields of study. We’ve taken a closer look at collegiate style and want to offer some fresh options for wardrobe staples that are sure to appeal to your co-eds.

There are three main elements to every college student’s wardrobe: t-shirts, sweats, and pajama bottoms. This apparel is decorated with a variety of event logos, group names and academic majors that help the students feel connected to their friends and their studies. We offer a huge selection of products within these categories, including some new twists on old favorites like fashion tees, performance sweats, stylish loungewear, and more!

Young people are becoming increasingly conscious about the environment and how it is affected by their everyday choices. Design eco-friendly products they can wear proudly, from polos and t-shirts to sweats, bags and more.

For a complete look at what we have to offer, browse our custom school sportswear collection. Come back for the last part in our series to get inspired for student organizations, activities and teams!

Back to School in Style, Part 1: School Spiritwear

Posted by Aerin

Custom School Spiritwear from LogoSportswear!

As summer winds down, we’d like to talk about custom apparel for heading back to school. There are so many options for parents, students, coaches and faculty advisors to consider, and we want to help! In this blog series, we’ll explore opportunities for custom apparel within the academic world and suggest a few different options to suit your school’s needs. We’ll lead off with school spiritwear.

School spirit is so much more than pep rallies, packed bleachers and lots of cheering. As you start the school year, consider all of the different ways you can inspire students with custom apparel and accessories related to your academic institution.

Booster clubs are always looking for ways to fund student activities. Design custom scarves, beanies, blankets, caps & more using the school logo or team mascots, and sell them to students, parents, sponsors and other school supporters.

Teachers and students love to wear their school pride for all to see. Give them options for all seasons, with custom polos, sweaters, sweatshirts, fleeces and jackets. A variety of products will allow them to express individuality within school colors and designs.

Custom t-shirts and bags are perfect for admitted student days and community events. They let you advertise your school and help people associate certain colors or mascots with your institution’s stellar reputation.

It’s never been easier to design & sell custom apparel for your organization! A school can create a free Custom Shop or Share & Sell™ store through LogoSportswear, choosing from thousands of custom branded items to fill their digital shelves. After selecting & customizing their products, the school sends the shop link out via email, social media or school newsletters, and we take care of the rest! There is no inventory to maintain and no hidden fees along the way. We’ll decorate and ship your orders on demand and handle any necessary customer service. What could be easier!

Check out all of our custom school spiritwear options, and come back for part two where we’ll look at different style options for college students!

Green Commerce Is Good Commerce

Posted by Jeffm

The big trend in the LogoSportswear market is getting back to mother nature. New earth friendly organic shirts, caps and bags have hit the market and are made from 100% organic cotton–containing no chemical bleaches or dyes.

Go Green. Organic T-shirts

So what does “organic” mean? The term defines the process of growing and processing a variety of agricultural products, including food and fibers, without the use of poison fertilizers and pesticides.
About 1/3 of a pound of chemical fertilizers and pesticides are used to produce a single pound of conventionally grown cotton fabric and much of these chemicals find their way into the soil, air, water and the food we eat, adversely affecting our life. Organic apparel is grown without chemical fertilizers and is colored using organic dyes.

Our research indicates that companies haven’t considered purchasing organic apparel because they perceive a significant cost increase. That has all changed and switching from non-organic to organic
is now not only relatively inexpensive but also great for the environment.

Click here for our full line of organic shirts, caps and bags.

New Online Banner Designer and Design Templates @

Posted by Jeffm

Spring has sprung and now is a good time to promote your business, team or event with our new, full-color banners. We have just added a new Banner Designer to our online LogoDesignerTM software suite. I encourage you to use this technology and see how convenient it is to design, proof and order custom banners.

Designing full color banners can take graphics time and expertise. We make it easy. We have created custom Banner Design Templates that you can personalize for large, wide format banner printing.

Your message on living, breathing, high impact full color banners. Our banners feature:

· Four color printing at no additional charge!
· Long lasting 13 oz outdoor vinyl is reinforced and stronger than canvas. Each custom banner design
comes with brass grommets placed in all four corners.
· Print any size that fits your message
· Fast Turnaround! Our Banners ship in 6-days or less. 2-3 Day FastTrack Service available.

The Masters Kicks Off Our LogoGolfwear Sale Season

Posted by Jeffm

We always kick off our Golf promotions at the same time as The Masters, which begins tomorrow. Even the most casual golf fan can appreciate the history and brilliance of The Masters. TV coverage begins on the USA Network on Thursday and Friday from 4-11 pm EST and Saturday and Sunday on CBS.

The Masters inspires many of us to get to the driving range and start working on that new and improved golf swing–I am still trying to figure out how my slice turned into a hook : )

We are offering specials of up to 50% Off on golf items and golf tournament kits so make a point to visit our our golf MicroSite,

We carry Nike Golf, Adidas Golf, Titlelist, Ping and other innovative brands and products. At The Masters you can be sure that Tiger will be sporting the lastest Nike Golf while Sergio will be decked out in Adidas Golf. Our logo golf apparel offers each brand’s selection of technical fabrics offering moisture wicking to keep you cool and dry and UV-coatings that keep the sun’s harmful rays from burning your skin.

We also can personalize golf balls with your logos, photos and or special events without minimum orders. These make for great Mother’s and Father’s Day gifts.

My pick for The Masters? I can’t pick against Tiger. My guess is that we will be seeing him down the stretch and in contention again come Sunday afternoon. He is so good it almost makes you think that each Sunday Tiger stars in his own weekly reality series that has actually been scripted from the beginning.

New Golf Specials

Posted by Jeffm

Custom t-shirts give the biggest bang for your promotional buck. Offer a t-shirt giveaway at a tradeshow and I am always amazed
to see successful, time-starved business execs waiting in line to bring home a FREE t-shirt–branded with your logo.

Need more convincing? See what marketing whiz, Mark Cuban, says about the lessons of promotional T-shirt giveaways at Dallas Mavericks games.

If you are going to do promotional t-shirts this year know that FULL COLOR printed shirts will be the most coveted for 2007. And know that our new MicroSite, offers simple, quick, and affordable ways for you to produce high-quality, professional looking full color printed shirts and totes.

Traditional t-shirt screen printing requires high set-up costs and often restrictive minimum order requirements and is not efficient for full color, digitally produced designs. Our investment in digital, direct-to-garment printing, allows us to offer vibrant FULL color designs and photo prints never before offered–without minimum order or setup restrictions!

And we have the fastest turnaround in the industry. Normal processing for all shirts and totes is 4-6 days and we can even split that in half with our Super FastTrack processing.

Online T-shirt Designer

Of course a professional looking design is what makes a t-shirt special and we know not everyone has graphics capabilities. That is why we supply thousands of t-shirt designs templates from which you can choose and customize with special text and colors.
Test drive our Online Shirt Designer and conveniently design, proof and order printed t-shirts, sweatshirts and tote bags. And for a limited time, buy just 48-Pieces and Get our 96-Piece price.

Masters Golf Tournament Kicks Off New

Posted by Jeffm

This coming weekend marks the 70th year of the Master golf tournament. Golf fans can watch lots of live and taped tournament coverage on USA Network and CBS-TV beginning on Thursday.

You can even get shot-by-shot coverage on the internet at: For many golfers, the Masters also kicks off their own golf season. And it is no coincidence that our golf site,, sees big traffic spikes beginning this weekend.

We have made some great new updates on this site and I encourage you to visit. We carry the top brands in golf, Nike, Adidas, Titlelist and Ping and the most innovative new products that can be co-branded with your company or team name and logo.

Ever wondered how Tiger Woods or Sergio Garcia look so cool during the heat of competition? Some of it has to do with the technical advancements of the performance golfwear and fabrics they wear these days. New moisture wicking golf shirts are designed to keep you cool and dry. Our logo golf shirts offer UV-coated fabrics that can keep the sun’s harmful rays from burning your skin. And new fabrics extend to all apparel categories, MicroFiber windshirts are now quieter and lighter than ever.

Here’s to taking off a few handicap strokes this year!

Logo Golf Shirts & Golf Tournament Gifts

Nike Golf Clothing and Nike Golf Bags

Adidas Golf Apparel

Putting on a golf outing this year? Ssave up to 50% on custom golf towels, umbrellas and more!

Show Your True Colors

Posted by Jeffm

Ever notice that more and more companies are beginning to show their logos in living color? Full color logos offer maximum impact. According to Marketing Insights, color increases visibility and recall by up to 40%. Consider what Google’s logo would look like in one-color? Their unqiue, full color logo has helped the search engine giant to become the fastest growing company of all time.

It used to be too expensive to reproduce full color logos on letterhead, biz cards, t-shirts, banners and promotional products. That was then, and this is now. Digital printing technology has spawned cost effective ways to print full color logos and designs or photos that can be created digitally on a computer or a camera. If you look around you will no doubt notice more and more marketing collateral and products all around you.

The window of opportunity has openened for you to consider printing your logo in living color. Digital printers provide great color resolution at a very low price. I can assure you that my company is jumping on the full color bandwagon in a big way. We have recently updated our own logos to full color and will over the next month expand our full color product offerings. We are looking to re-invent our name, logo, products and BRAND into living, breathing, high impact full color!

We would like to use our experience to help you re-invent your corporate identity as well. We have invested in the very first direct-to-garment digital printers, full color printer/cutters and multi-head embroidery equipment. This equpment offers an array of full color products that will make your company stand out from your competitors. And our best asset, our graphics design team, can help you design a special high impact, full color design for your t-shirt or product..

A blog about color would not be complete without a color sportswear forecast for 2006. This Spring, look for COLOR to saturate the market with a range of hues that go from bright and sporty, to more subdued and sophisticated. Color brings excitement to both women’s wear and menswear in casual weekend knits and jackets, as well as office appropriate wovens and ties. Look for green-casted blues and blue-casted greens to dominate along with all shades of orange ranging from light coral to burnt orange.The palette is rounded out with cool resort colors of yellow, purple and green.

Full Color and Photo T-shirts

Digital Totes

Full Color Banners and Signs

Photo Golf Balls & Full Color Gifts

Merging Trends Create Bright Future For Digital Photo Products

Posted by Jeffm

“Life-Caching” is a trend to watch. defines it as “a love to collect and store possessions, memories, experiences, in order to create personal histories, momentoes of their lives, or just to keep track for practical reasons.”

Life-Caching is enabled by technology – from blogging, to memory sticks and especially through the growth of digital cameras. More than 60 million digital cameras were sold last year. Forrester says sharing photos via email is the fourth most popular online activity. And IDC reports that people are taking more shots than ever — an average of 75 images per month, up from about 50 per month last year.

Now that digital cameras have replaced film cameras for the most part, consumers are exploring digital options from home printers to online systems for storing and sharing images. Here is a glimpse of the most popular new photo products and services.

Personalized Photo Gifts

Photo Tshirts & Products

Our full color and photo tshirt business is booming as customers can create their own products without minimum order or setups.

Photo Tshirts & Personalized T-shirts

Photo Tote Bags and Personalized Tote Bags

Full Color Photo Golf Balls

Full Color Photo Banners

Photo Sharing

Allows customers to store and share photographs online and to order prints without cluttering hard drives.

Photo Broadcasting

Photo broadcasting tools allow consumers to create a string of images that scroll across a user’s desktop. Users can create the loop using photos from a digital camera, or those stored on their hard drive or on a photo-sharing site. These can be shared with friends and family.

Photo Picture Printing

The most competitive market of them all. Retailers such as Wal-Mart, Target, and Costco allow users to transmit their digital images over the Internet to in-store photo processing centers, where the images are printed and available for same-day pickup.

Photo Image Hosting Sites

Nielsen/NetRatings reported that traffic to image hosting Web sites has skyrocketed mainly due to the in blogs. As a category, image hosting sites have grown 406 percent to more than 14.7 million unique users since January 2005, accounting for nearly 10 percent of active U.S. Internet users.

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