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Tips On Choosing Custom Restaurant Uniforms

Custom Restaurant Uniforms

Restaurant Dress Shirts

Restaurant Dress Shirts

Restaurant Logo Dress Shirts

Employee custom restaurant uniforms are an important way to brand your restaurant. Custom restaurant shirts and uniforms are also a functional part of running your busines. Here are some tips for choosing employee custom restaurant uniforms.

    Restaurant Uniforms
  • Remember comfort is key. When it comes to custom restaurant uniforms, the most important factor should be employee comfort. Employees have to enjoy what they're wearing and will not work at a restaurant because their custom restaurant uniforms feel uncomfortable.
  • Make it a team effort. Custom restaurant uniforms can help boost morale. Ask your employees for input when selecting custom restaurant uniforms. There's never 100 percent agreement, everybody's tastes are different. However it allows employees to be involved.
  • Select easy-care fabric. Depending on your operation, some materials may be more practical than others. Some custom restaurant uniforms can be made with "dressed to spill" materials that are made with a special finish that bonds to fibers to prevent staining. Cotton/polyester blends are a popular choice for custom restaurant uniforms. These tend to have a better washability, durability, color retention and are permanent-press.
  • Don't go overboard but create a theme. A large part of the restaurant experience is the theme, or décor. Part of that is the color you choose for their employees to wear. The themes of many restaurants today require an incredible variety of color. On one hand, there are the brights — sangria, purple, red, kiwi, orange, yellow, kelly, grape, pink, which are often used for ethnic food settings — versus the more neutral colors — tan, natural, olive, gray, string, perhaps used for safari type settings. Custom restaurant uniforms should go with the theme of the restaurant, but keep it simple. Choose a balance between matching the decor or concept and what employees prefer that looks good. If the decor is lime green, they may not want to wear lime custom restaurant uniforms. Try to find other colors that coordinate.
  • Choose best decoration option.
    To make sure that companies make the best, first impression, make sure your logo and personalization stands out. Embroidery is used generally for custom restaurant uniforms like polos and aprons while printing is most often used for t-shirts. All of our prices for custom restaurant uniforms and custom shirts include one placement embroidery or one-color imprint.
  • Add to your image by re-selling your custom restaurant shirts and caps.
    You may not have the broad appeal of the Hard Rock Café but selling items with your logo will offer you great exposure.
    The U.S. Department of Labor's (DOL) Fair Labor Standards Act has rules regarding employee restaurant uniforms. Here are some of the guidelines.
  • What's a uniform? When an employer specifies a type and style of clothing to be worn at work—such as a tuxedo shirt—the DOL considers this a uniform. If the employer gives basic outlines of attire—such as black pants and a white shirt—this is not considered a custom restaurant uniform. As a rule of thumb, the more specific the employer's requirements, the more likely the DOL will consider it a uniform.
  • Who pays? If an employer requires a uniform for a minimum-wage employee, that employer must pay for and maintain the uniform. The employer may ask a minimum-wage employee to purchase a uniform before beginning work, but he or she must be fully reimbursed no later than the next regular payday. Workers who earn cash wages above minimum wage may be asked to purchase their uniforms, as long as those charges do not reduce their wages below minimum wage.
  • The cleaning bill. Employees must pay for the cleaning and caring of their work attire if it is not considered a restaurant uniform. If it is a custom restaurant uniform, the employer is responsible for cleaning costs if the costs would reduce the employee's net pay to below minimum wage. However, if the custom restaurant uniform can be washed at home and does not have any special instructions such as dry cleaning, the employer is not required to pay for this maintenance.

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Custom Restaurant Uniforms

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Restaurant Uniforms

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We are committed to offering the best service, at the best price! We will beat any published competitive quote for custom restaurant uniforms and restaurant uniforms. Normal turnaround is two weeks from logo approval. Rush delivery available at higher rates.

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