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More Custom Sportswear Choices — No Minimums Or Set-ups

Open Your Own School Fundraising Store & Sell Custom School Apparel

Raise Money For Your School Today!

Example Of Schools Fundraising Stores

How Your School Fundraising Store Works

You Create A Free School Fundraising Store
Fill out the form below and follow the instructions to open your new school fundraising store. Once your store is created, you can begin adding t-shirts, sweats, caps and many more products with your school’s name and mascot on it through our FREE Online Designer. You can sell school apparel in no time.

You'll Earn 15% Commission For Your School
When you sell school apparel, you can receive 15% commission on all sales through your school fundraising store. You will receive a check from LogoSportswear for every $50 raised through your school's store. The more products you can sell, the easier it is to raise money for your school. You can also track how much money you have raised for your school through the Share and Sell Manager dashboard.

You Choose Products To Add To Your School Store
Pick from over 3,200 different products to add to your school fundraising store. The more selection you offer, the easier it is to sell school apparel. Choose from t-shirts, sweats, jackets, polos, caps and much more. Raise money for your school and offer great looking school apparel your staff, students and parents will love. We add new products frequently, so you can add new styles and designs to your store, which will keep your selection fresh and your customers happy.

We Produce, Bill and Ship Your Product
You never have to worry about inventory or upfront costs when you open your school fundraising store. We decorate each order as the come in and ship to your customers from our facilities, with no cost to you. Your customers can even choose a shipping option that best fits their needs and budget, ranging from basic Ground Shipping all the way to Next Day Shipping.

Market Your Store & Fundraise All Year
Whether you want to announce your school fundraising store to your entire community or just a group of parents, you can choose who can see your school's store. You can share links to your new store on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ allowing friends and family to browse your store. Also, since your store is open all year long, you can even fundraise during the summer!

Open Your Own Store

If you want to open your own Share and Sell store, simply fill out the form below and your store will be created instantly:

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About Our Share and Sell™ Service

It's easy to create your own school fundraising store to sell school apparel using the tools provided in our Share and Sell service. Share and Sell allows you to utilize school fundraising stores to raise money for your schoolby selling school apparel. It is completely free to open your school fundraising store and sell shirts. Design your own custom t-shirts, sweats, caps or fanwear in our Online Designer and add it directly to your school fundraising store. You can choose from any of our over 3,000 products to customize for your school fundraising store. It couldn’t be easier raise money for your school than by opening a school fundraising store.
With zero inventory and shipping responsibilities for store owners, there are no up front costs to open your own school fundraising store. With the ability to make 15% commissions based on all your sales, it's simple to raise money for schools.


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