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Can I decline commissions and operate a no-commission store?
Yes, simply select "decline commissions" when you sign up for your store to pass the savings along. When you decline commissions, 15% is taken off of the price of your items allowing you to pass the savings along to your organization. Existing storeowners can email us at ShareandSell@LogoSportswear.com to change their store status from commission to non-commission and vice versa.

If you request that your status be changed to a non-commission store and have already accumulated commission:
  1. If you have earned $50.00 or more in commissions, we will send you a check for that amount.
  2. If you have earned $20.00 - $50.00 in commissions, you will receive a gift certificate for store credit.
  3. If you have earned less than $20.00 any existing commissions will be zeroed out.
Non-commission stores are NOT eligible to receive commission checks or store credit.
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