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How do sales commissions work?
Prices are automatically set by us. If someone buys your product design we will produce and ship the product directly to the buyer within 2 weeks (some products/decoration options require a longer production time) and credit your account 15% commissions on net sales (less shipping and returns if applicable). Commissions can be used as store credit or we will print checks once a month, and only if the affiliate has earned $50.00 or more. Your can request store credit if and only if you have accumulated $20.00 or more in commissions. To request store credit, please email us at ShareandSell@LogoSportswear.com and include the name or url of your store.


  • if you sell $500.00 worth of merchandise in April, on May 1st we will send you a check for 75.00$.
    $500.00 * .15 = $75.00.

  • If you sell $200.00 worth of merchandise in April, you can request a gift certificate for 30.00 or wait to accumulate more sales commission. If in May you sell an addition $200.00 worth of merchandise, June 1st we will send you a check for $60.00.
    ($200.00 + $200.00)*.15 = $60.00.
Affiliate sale reports can be accessed from your LogoLocker account. You can view details such as order and payment history. You can then fine tune your shop based on past performance.

Please note, LogoSportswear also offers an Affiliate Network, which is a great way to earn additional revenue from your web site. If you are a LogoSportswear or TeamSportswear Share and Sell Shop Owner, you cannot earn commissions as an Affiliate by linking to your own Logosoftwear Share and Sell Shop or Products.
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