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How will my shirts be printed?

Digital Printing and Photo Printing

This eco-friendly printing process is a great option for smaller orders as well as multi-colored or complex designs. Digital printing is a water-based direct process of printing from a computer file onto a garment. The resulting print has a soft hand and a slightly washed down look.

Printing on dark shirts is more complicated than printing on light colored shirts. To ensure that the dark shirt color does not bleed through an image, a white underbase must be printed first. The imageís ink colors are then printed on top much like priming a wall before painting the finished coat.

We can print your custom designed shirts as large as 13" wide X 11" high. Direct digital isnít as restrictive as traditional screen printing. Vector art, high resolution bitmap images or even a digital camera photos can be used for your custom designed tshirts. Thereís no concern for spot vs. process color, as printing is done directly from the computer to the tshirt printer.

Create your digital art design files so they can be opened in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, or CorelDRAW. Graphics should be actual size or larger, with a resolution of 150dpi.

So that we can print your design on clothing and mousepads, your design (e.g. photo) must:

  • Be saved as .png, .jpg, .bmp, or .gif (transparent formats, i.e. .gif or .png, are preferred)
  • Have a minimum resolution of 150 dpi
  • Have a maximum size of 3000 x 3000 pixels
  • Have a maximum file size of 3MB
The exact description of the printable area can be found in the product details. Be aware that the design size should fit the print area. Minimizing the design is always a possibility without losing picture quality, however, enlargements are not since the design will appear "pixelated".


Screenprinting is durable and offer good vibrancy. We use this process when larger quantities are needed. Screenprinting uses spot color, as there is a screen setups for every color in the design. Over a large quantity of shirts your per unit costs can be lower than digital printing. Maximum size of imprint is limited to 12" X 12".

Unlike conventional custom companies, LogoSportswear.com does not requires set-up fees. LogoSportswear.com has also prepared a list of readily available fonts for customers to choose from. LogoSportswear.com's Online Imprinting Fonts List

What Method Of Imprinting Is Best For You: Screenprinting or Digital Art Printing?

Screen Printing

Screen printing has advantages as it is known for crisp colors and is ideal for large print quantities. Because set-up costs are higher, there is often a minimum order quantity for screen printing. Every color that is laid down on the T-shirt requires a screen. The more colors, the more screens. The more screens, the more cost to set up the order.

Digital and Photo Tshirts

If your art is a full color design then we use state of art digital art technologies to imprint your image on the tshirt you choose.

How To Save Money On Imprinted T shirts

  1. Limit the number of colors you wish to print. Fewer colors requires fewer screen set-ups and less time to print additional colors.
  2. Limit the number of locations on the t-shirt. Additional placement charges apply if you want to add additional locations.
  3. Order white or light colored t-shirts. T-shirt mills charge more for dark colors and printing on dark tshirts often require printing a white "underlay" to avoid the dark t-shirt color bleeding through the design.
  4. The More You Buy, The More You Save. Order in large quantities and your price per imprinted tshirt can go down dramatically.
  5. Pick a company you can trust. Seek out a company that offers a wide range of custom apparel, screen printing and digital art t-shirt services. Look for real customer testimonials and reviews.
  6. Pick a company you can trust. Seek out a company that offers a wide range of custom apparel, screen printing and digital art t-shirt services. Look for real customer testimonials.
Use Our Creative Custom T-shirt Design Service if you want to get the most out of your next event, use our experienced t-shirt graphic designers. They would be happy to help you create that special, memorable tee shirt design, sweatshirt design, banner design, etc. Settling on a custom t-shirt design is not easy. Planning the creation of the tee shirt design properly, upfront, can save you lots of time and money on your t-shirt design project. Rates are $40. per half hour. Estimates available by request.

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