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Copyright & Licensed Apparel Policy
LogoSportswear respects intellectual property and we ask our users to do the same. Our customers are responsible to see that the content they create does not infringe the rights of others. We do not knowingly reproduce copyrighted material and can not accept any liability for copyright infringement for agreeing to reproduce a customer's order. If you wish to have us reproduce a national brand logo or trademark we do require written proof that that you have permission to use that logo or trademark.

We will NOT decorate any of our apparel products with licensed college or professional team sports logos such as the NBA, MLB, NFL, etc. These require special licensing agreements with the colleges and sports leagues.

Acceptable Content Guidelines

We respect the rights to free expression and enjoy giving our customers an opportunity to express themselves through our products. We do have a few content guidelines that are customers are asked to abide by. The following content is not permitted at LogoSportswear:
  • No text or images that infringe on intellectual property rights to include copyrights, trademarks and rights of privacy/publicity
  • No obscenity, pornography or nudity that is not artistic in nature
  • No text or images that encourages or glorifies drug use/abuse
  • No excessive violence, hate, threatening, or otherwise harmful content
  • No content that is libelous or defamatory
  • No content that can reasonably be viewed as discriminatory based upon race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability
Orders that are deemed unacceptable by these guidelines at the sole judgment of LogoSportswear.com will be cancelled and removed from our Share and Sell marketplace with or without notice.

Please view our Content Usage Policy for more information.
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