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The LogoBuyers' Guide  >  How To Design Custom Sweatshirts

Design Custom Sweatshirts and Buy Custom Sweats

The LogoBuyers' Guide To Buy Custom Sweatshirts

How To Design Custom Sweatshirt Contents

As the weather becomes colder, many people start looking towards sweatshirts as their new staple for everyday wear. With so many styles to choose from, it's not hard to see why it seems everyone loves sweatshirts. With the option to pick from crew-neck, hooded or full-zip, it might be hard to decide which is the best choice when you design custom sweatshirts. LogoSportswear hope that we can make your experience an easy and rememberable one when you buy custom sweatshirts. With our expertise in the custom sweatshirt market, we will break down all you need to know before deciding which sweatshirt is for you.


How your custom sweatshirt looks makes the first impression with people. With many different styles of sweatshirts, you will find exactly what you're looking for when you buy custom sweatshirts. Knowing how your custom sweatshirts will be worn will make your ultimate decision much easier.

Today, the most popular style of sweatshirt is the custom made hooded sweatshirt. Hooded sweatshirts are great for moving in between indoors and outdoors without having to worry about a jacket during the spring and fall months. It adds warmth to your neck and head that isn't available with a crew-neck sweatshirt and gives you a large front canvas to design on that isn't possible on full-zip sweatshirts. You can buy custom hooded sweatshirts for any occasion, group team or company. There are also many different ways to design custom hooded sweatshirts, with the ability to use printed designs, embroidery or even sewn-on-felt or tackle twill.

If you like the idea of the hooded sweatshirt, but want something that's more flexible to wear, then you should look at custom made full zip sweatshirts. Full-zip sweatshirts, like their hooded sweatshirt counterparts give you the warmth and protection of a hood, but the big difference comes in how you wear the sweatshirt. A full-zip sweatshirt allows you to wear it open or zipped, depending on how warm or covered you want to be. When you design custom embroidered full-zip sweatshirts, the front can have designs placed on the right and/or left chest, but not in the middle due to the zipper. You may choose to have a full back design though.

The last style of sweatshirts is the custom made crew neck sweatshirt. This sweatshirts looks and wears just like its t-shirt namesake. With no hood or pocket, the crew-neck sweatshirt is the essential simple sweatshirt. Many people love the crew-neck sweatshirt because there is no hood to get in the way, but has the ability to have a full front design like the hooded sweatshirt. This is a classic sweatshirt style anyone will enjoy.


When you buy custom sweatshirts, there are many features that you can choose from when picking the perfect sweatshirt. Are your sweatshirts meant to be worn at work, or will they be making a fashion statement? Either way, we'll have the exact sweatshirt you're looking for.

One of the most popular styles of sweatshirts right now are custom made dry performance sweatshirts. Dry Performance sweatshirts are made of a polyester material that handles moisture better than normal cotton or blends because it will not absorb liquid the same way cotton does. Polyester also maintains its shape over time, so need to worry about shrinking. If you are a weekend warrior looking for a sweatshirt tough enough for football with the guys or just heading out the door for a morning run, a dry performance sweatshirt will be a great choice.

Many people want a sweatshirt they can wear day in and day out without worrying about it being too thin or wearing out. Custom made heavyweight sweatshirts, with their durable construction become the perfect choice for outdoor workers that need to stay warm in the elements. With a larger cut, heavyweight sweatshirts will also give you the room to wear layers underneath of necessary.

Looking for a softer, lighter, more form-fitting sweatshirt? Then custom made fashion sweatshirts are what you need. With skinnier body and narrower arms, fashion sweatshirts are becoming more popular with teenagers and college students. No longer are they forced into a boxy looking sweatshirt, they can wear something that fits their style. Fashion sweatshirts also tend to be made of lighter weight material, which means they will not be as warm as a heavyweight sweatshirt.

Many people design custom sweatshirts for their employees to wear as part of a custom made uniforms. While most people work indoors, there are still many people working outside that would benefit from custom made ANSI Compliant Safety Sweatshirts. ANSI Compliant Sweatshirts let your employees stand out while working in potentially dangerous areas like highways and busy streets with bright yellow or orange t-shirts. Along with being safe and easy to see, you have the ability to choose between a full-zip sweatshirt or a crew-neck sweatshirt based upon what your employees want.


There a few different materials to choose from when you design custom sweatshirts. The main, and most popular, material is a cotton/polyester blend that gives you the warmth and breathability of cotton, but the range of movement of polyester. These custom made cotton/polyester sweatshirts are soft to the touch and comfortable enough for wearing around the house without becoming too warm or uncomfortable.

Custom made polyester sweatshirts are also available, mostly in the form of dry performance. Polyester is known for keeping its shape over time and isn't susceptible to shrinking like cotton-based shirts. Custom embroidered polyester sweatshirts will also dry faster when they become wet, making it a great choice for the winter and spring months. Because it is made and not grown, polyester brings a higher price tag in most circumstances. But with the features you gain, most people have no problem making the jump to polyester sweatshirts.

If you are looking to stay green with you buy custom sweatshirts, than the custom made organic sweatshirts offered will be your best bet. Organic sweatshirts use certified organic cotton and recycled polyester. They come in a wide array colors and sizes, so they can meet the needs of almost anyone who is trying to keep their clothing organic.


After you pick the perfect sweatshirts, you now have to decide how you want to design your custom sweatshirts. With LogoSportswear's ability to offer many different types of personalization, you will be able to pick which method works best for you.

If you are looking for the most options when you design custom sweatshirts, then you will want to pick a printed design for your sweatshirts. Printed designs can be 1-color, 2-color or full color. 1 and 2-color designs are great for text on sweatshirts and very basic logos. Full color designs can give you the exact look you're going for, without having to sacrifice or change your design. Printed designs can also be displayed much larger on the sweatshirt, with a maximum size of 11' by 16'. With printed designs, you can also choose to have multiple items printed on your custom sweatshirts. This works great for team uniforms that need a design or logo on the front and a name and/or number on the back.

Another option when it comes to putting a design on your custom sweatshirt is using embroidery. Instead of printing a design on the shirt, our embroiders will stitch your design on the right or left chest area of your sweatshirts. Many businesses choose embroidery over print because they see embroidery as being more permanent on sweatshirts that will get worn often. With embroidery, your design will be limited to a size of 4' by 4'.

In addition to printed designs and embroidery, sweatshirts can be personalized using sew on twill or felt . Sewn on twill or felt gives your custom sweatshirts a classic finished looked, that will hold up well against the test of time. These designs are used frequently on Fraternity and Sorority sweatshirts, as well as sports teams buying pre-game or post-game sweatshirts for their players.

Looking for more information? Visit our custom embroidered sportswear page for more about embroidery and to see our entire selection of custom embroidered apparel.

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