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The LogoBuyers' Guide  >  How To Design Custom Jackets

Design Custom Jackets and Buy Custom Outerwear

The LogoBuyers' Guide To Buy Custom Jackets

How To Design Custom Jacket Contents

Jackets are the most important piece of clothing when you are facing cold weather. People love nothing more than a dependable, warm jacket in the winter months. People normally imagine big and heavy when they think about warm winter jackets, but in the past few years lightweight, soft-shell jackets have been entering the market and some offer nearly the same warmth and protection from the elements as the traditional down jacket. If you buy custom jackets for people that work outside, then our work jackets from Carhartt, Dickies and others will be a huge hit. LogoSportswear hope that we can make your experience an easy and rememberable one when you buy custom jackets. With our expertise in the custom jacket market, we will break down all you need to know before deciding which jacket is for you.


How your custom jacket looks makes the first impression with people. With many different styles of jackets, you will find exactly what you're looking for when you design custom jackets. Knowing how your custom jackets will be worn will make your ultimate decision much easier. With jackets ranging everywhere from windbreakers you would wear on a sunny spring day to work jackets tough enough to get through the winter's worst nights, your choices will seem almost endless. Luckily for you, we will break down all the style and features available when you design custom jackets.

During the fall and winter months, most of our customers are interested in finding the best jackets to keep them warm for the upcoming months. With new advances in fleece and microfleece lining, soft shell jackets have been becoming more popular. With their smaller size and lighter weight, soft shells bring many of the benefits of a large down jacket to something that fits more like a windbreaker. Soft shell jackets are great for running errands or busy weekends when you move between the indoors and outside frequently and don't want to be bothered taking off your jacket every time. The newest soft shell jackets are comfortable enough to wear in any condition.

Some times, weather isn't the biggest factor when you buy custom jackets. Many times people need to buy jackets for a group or team and need a crisp, uniform look. Whether the are worn during travel to the game, outside at the tailgate or on the field before the game, custom team warmups are great. Team warmups are lightweight and allow enough movement for athletes to get their pre-game warmups completed without getting cold. Warmup jackets come in a few different variants. There are crew-neck, v-neck, collared, pull over, full-zip, quarter-zip and even hooded. Anything your team or fans want, they can find it in our team warmups.

While jackets are normally reserved for the colder fall and winter months, there are still times in the spring and even summer where custom made light jackets are needed to keep warm from a cold breeze or dry from spring showers. Why over dress in a winter coat when you can wear a windshirt that will keep you warm from wind gusts, but not make you sweat when it's calm? Windshirts have even made their way into the work clothes rotation of many office workers that find themselves having to hit the road during the day and want to make sure they are protected from any unexpected weather that might show up. If the office isn't where you expect to wear your custom windshirt, then be comforted knowing it can worn in place of a sweatshirt or even on the golf course over a polo shirt.

Of all the different styles of jacket, no jacket is carries more demand than work jackets. Because this jacket will be worn nearly everyday, it needs to be as tough as the workers wearing it. Using a heavy duty "duck" cotton weave, work jackets from companies like Carhartt will be worn year after year without worry of having to be replaced. Work place safety is a huge concern when buying work jackets, so we have a selection of custom made ANSI-compliant work jackets that range from windbreakers to heavyweight parkas. There is no need to sacrifice safety for warmth when you have custom ANSI-compliant jackets available.

Do you have an athlete at home that can't wait to show off his letterman status? What better way to do it than with a custom made varsity jacket. Traditional varsity jackets use a wool body construction paired with leather sleeves, which are normally contrasting in color. With our in-house customization options, you can display the athlete's name, school and sport with room on the chest for the varsity letter.


When you buy custom jackets, there are many features that you can choose from when picking the perfect jacket. Are your jackets meant to be worn at work, on the links or will they be making a fashion statement? Any way you want to wear them, we'll have the exact jackets you're looking for.

There is no worse feeling in the cold than also being wet. Water resistance is a major feature that is looked for when people design custom jackets. Custom made water resistant jackets will give you enough extra time to get out of the elements before you start to feel any moisture breaking the barrier of your jacket. Most water resistant jackets are geared towards people who find themselves constantly moving, breathability is a key factor. On top of everything, water resistant jackets will keep you dry, but won't make you overheat like older rain jackets had a tendency to do.

If water resistant jackets just won't cut it, look no further than out waterproof jackets. Waterproof jackets guarantee to keep you dry in any weather. Embroidered waterproof jackets utilize nylon shells with water resistant coating that keeps water off the jacket and from soaking through to your clothes. Waterproof Jackets are a mainstay with the adventurous set who find themselves hiking and mountain biking on the weekend as much as the more minimal outdoorsmen like bird watchers and anglers.

Fleece has become a very popular fabric for jacket makers in the past couple decades. Fleece is incredibly soft, comfortable and more importantly warm. It is no surprise that embroidered fleece-lined jackets are making huge jumps in popularity. Fleece lined jackets main objective is to keep your body's heat from escaping, keeping you warm through the entire day. Since most fleece lined jackets have wind and water resistant outer shells, it is incredibly easy to stay warm on the coldest of days.

An alternative to fleece line jackets are quilt lining jackets. These insulated jackets use a diamond stitched lining that is thick, but not bulky. Different companies utilize different materials in their quilt lining jackets, but most use a flannel like material that feels as soft of a button-down flannel shirt, but with the warmth of a great jacket.

While this feature is not needed by most people, but for the people who do need it, it can be a lifesaver. Fire Retardant jackets can keep you safe when dealing with the risk of fire or with live electricity. Flame retardant jackets are made of tested flame retardant cotton/nylon blend with a inner-lining that is also flame retardant.


There a few different materials to choose from when you design custom jackets. The main, and most popular, material is a polyester that gives you the incredible range of motion and a shape that will never stretch out or shrink. There are also jackets made of nylon that keep water from getting through and soaking your clothes when you're stuck outside in the snow or rain. Due to its light weight, nylon is also used often in wind resistant jackets, leaving you warm, but not weighed down. Fleece makes up the last of the big fabrics used in our most popular jackets. Fleece is the softest of the materials used, and is incredibly good at locking in your body's own heat to keep you warm in extended periods outside during the late fall or winter.

Polyester jackets are some of the most popular due to the rise in popularity of soft shell jackets. People no longer have to pick between warmth and a better fitting jacket. With soft shell jackets, you can wear something that fits more like a sweatshirt, but still have ample warmth if you need to head outdoors. Polyester allows for air to circulate keeping you from overheating in the jacket and moisture to escape, which keeps you dry during strenuous activity. Polyester also does a great job protecting you from the wind, as it is considered one of the best wind resistant materials.

During the time of the year when a soft shell jacket would be too warm, but still need coverage from rain and wind, custom made nylon jackets become the best choice. Custom embroidered nylon windjackets are amazingly light and some can even be folded into a self contained pocket for storage when you don't need it. Because they are so light and normally fairly thin, nylon jackets remain as one of the most affordable jackets on the market. Nylon jackets are great for those times you really need a jacket, but don't feel like wearing it all day.

While fleece is fairly popular as a jacket lining, it is even more popular as a full jacket material. Fleece jackets maintain the same softness as fleece lined jackets, but move it to the entirety of the jacket. Because fleece jackets tend to be more form fitting, they can be worn on their own as a jacket or underneath an outer shell as a insulated layer. Since fleece also breathes so well, it can easily be worn indoors at your desk or outdoors in the field.


After you pick the perfect jackets, you now have to decide how you want to design your custom jackets. With LogoSportswear's ability to offer many different types of personalization, you will be able to pick which method works best for you. Since jackets are one of the most customizable items we carry, you will be able to pick from almost every personalization type we offer.

Embroidered jackets are by far the most popular option when you design custom jackets. Since jackets are made of thicker materials, it is easier and more permanent to stitch a design onto the jacket. Embroidery can be done on the left chest, right chest or even on the entire back of some jackets. Full back embroidery gives a perfect opportunity to display your company or team's logo for everyone to see.

Normally reserved for team jackets or windjackets, printed designs are a great option for people on a smaller budget or want a design with more intricate details. Printed jackets can be a great choice for people who want to utilize our extensive library of free design templates if they don't have a specific design or require a more customized design for their custom jackets.

The last decoration types available are sewn on twill, sewn on felt and tackle twill. Sew on twill, sometimes referred to as appliqué, is a technique in which pieces of fabric (usually a poly/cotton twill) are cut out and then sewn or embroidered. Sew on twill is machine washable, won't shrink or run and gives that nostalgic, upscale look.

Looking for more information? Visit our custom embroidered sportswear page for more about embroidery and to see our entire selection of custom embroidered apparel.

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