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The LogoBuyers' Guide  >  How To Design Custom Golf Apparel

Design Custom Golf Apparel and Buy Custom Golf Products

The LogoBuyers' Guide To Buy Custom Golf Apparel

How To Design Custom Golf Apparel Contents

Some people see golf as a good walk spoiled, but others see it as the best part of their week. Not only do golfers want to play well when they are on the course, but they also want to look good at the same time. Golfers demand the best when they buy custom golf apparel. It should always give them the upper hand when playing 18.

They want shirts and caps that will keep them cool and protected from the sun in the summer along with windshirts and jackets that will keep them dry during unforeseen spring showers. With dry performance materials becoming the standard in golf polos, overheating on the course will never be a problem. Also, since most golf apparel is being made of light weight materials, it is easy to keep a windjacket in your golf bag just in case. With companies like Nike Golf, Adidas and Callaway to choose from, you will look like a pro when you design custom golf apparel.


For the longest time, golfers suffered through a long day on the course wearing polos that wear originally meant for office workers. These polos were cut larger, made of heavier materials and didn't move with the body. Now, golfers can enjoy the pleasure of wearing custom made golf polos. Dry performance polos are made of polyester, which wicks the sweat away from your body and to the exterior of the shirt where it evaporates. This keeps your body cooler and your shirt dry, no matter how hot it is on the 18th green. On top of keeping you cool through an entire round, dry performance golf polos also move with your body. This means your arms will no longer be constrained during your drive by long, bulky sleeves that you would find in every day polos.

Wearing a golf polo doesn't have to be restricted to the links, many people have replaced their every day polos with better fitting, lighter golf polos. Because golf polos coming in many colors, fitting in at the office is no problem. Matched with a sweater or windshirt, golf polos can be worn in a more formal work environment without sacrificing comfort.

With more people concerned with the health of their skin, sun protection in golf polos have become a very popular feature. Many sun protection golf polos are rated at UPF 30, which will block approximately 97 percent of UV rays from hitting your skin. This added protection allows you to enjoy a full 18 holes, even on the sunniest of days without having to worry about damaging your skin.


While golf polos are the staple of golf apparel, there are times during the year when a golf polo won't provide adequate protection. A great way to add a layer of protection without adding unnecessary weight or bulk are custom made golf windshirts. Golf windshirts are great for the year-round golfer that doesn't take days off because of less than perfect weather. When you design custom golf windshirts, you can brave even the most blustery days on the course and still feel warm on the way back to the club house. Made of similar polyester materials as dry performance golf polos, windshirts wick away moisture to keep you dry, whether it is moisture from your body or falling from the sky.

Custom golf windshirts are available in a few different styles, which means finding a golf windshirt to fit all your needs should be no problem. If you are looking to buy golf windshirts as a possible cold weather replacement for your normal golf polos, than choosing golf windshirts with a full zip collar will offer a more familiar feel. If a golf windshirt will be more of an outer layer, over a polo, then a v-neck windshirt might give you a better fit. Both styles give you a comfortable way to stay warm when the wind picks up.


Golf isn't just for the men. More women have been hitting links over the past few decades and as time goes on, the more that women will want to design custom golf apparel suited to a women's specific needs on the golf course. Womens golf apparel included golf polos, windshirts, jackets and caps; all of which are tailored exclusively for female golfers.

Custom womens golf polos utilize many of the same materials and features of mens golf polos, but are cut specifically for women, meaning that sleeves will be significantly shorter and narrower than their male counterparts. Womens golf polos will also be shorter through the torso than mens golf polos. Because women want the same advantages in their clothing as men, dry performance golf polos are the standard as well. The same moisture wicking technology found in mens golf polos is utilized in ladies golf polos.

Golf polos isn't the only type of apparel that receives a ladies treatment. Golf windshirts have seen the same transformation, being tailored with narrower sleeves and more form-fitting torso that's designed for a women's body type. Custom made ladies golf windshirts are so comfortable, that you might find yourself wearing to the gym, running errands or even to work and no matter where you wear it, a custom womens golf windshirt will look good.


If your weekly tee-time is set for noon, there is no better investment than a custom golf cap. A high quality golf cap will keep the sun out of your eyes and even more important, keep your face from becoming sunburned. Because there is almost no usable shade on a golf course, golfers need to take precautions to keep themselves safe from harmful UV rays and possible overheating on extremely warm days. Many golfers prefer white custom golf caps because it will not absorb the heat from the sun like darker caps will.

Maybe you are less worried about keeping your head covered, but still want to keep the sun out of your eyes. In this scenario, a visor is the perfect product. Visors offer the same structured brim, but allows your head to remain uncovered. Visors are great for sunny days in the spring or fall when the odds of a high temperature is low.

Looking for more information? Visit our custom embroidered sportswear page for more about embroidery and to see our entire selection of custom embroidered apparel.

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