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The LogoBuyers' Guide  >  How To Design Custom Caps

Design Custom Caps and Buy Custom Hats

The LogoBuyers' Guide To Buy Custom Caps

How To Design Custom Cap Contents

Caps have become a staple in almost everyone’s wardrobe in the past decade. With an almost unlimited amount of styles, it is easy to see why they are so popular. Caps can give shade from the sun, warmth from the cold or even cover up a bad hair cut. With caps spending so much time on your head, it should be easy to choose exactly what you want yours to look like. LogoSportswear hope that we can make your experience an easy and rememberable one when you buy custom caps. With our expertise in the custom cap market, we will break down all you need to know before deciding which cap is for you.


How your custom cap looks makes the first impression with people. With many different styles of caps, you will find exactly what you're looking for when you design custom caps. Knowing how your custom caps will be worn will make your ultimate decision much easier.

The great thing about caps is the large amount of choices you have when finding the perfect cap. Many people find that custom made adjustable caps are the best route to go when they buy custom caps because they have the ultimate say in how the cap fits. They can also choose how the hat adjusts, picking from snap back, buckle back or Velcro back.

While adjustable caps embrace change, some people demand more structure and permanence when they design custom caps, so they navigate towards custom Flexfit caps. Flexfit caps give the look and feel of a fitted ball cap, but have an elastic band that allows some give when wearing the cap. This flexibility allows for a more worn-in feel even when the cap is brand new. Also, there is no worry about the cap shrinking if it gets wet like its wool counterparts.

When it's time to hit the links, golfers want to look and play like the professionals they follow every weekend. The easiest and most economical way to look professional is to match your golf polo with new custom golf hats. Designed by the biggest brands in golf, custom golf caps can have you sporting the same cap as Tiger Woods or Phil Mickleson, but with your own personal touch. Many companies like to customize golf caps as a promotional item and why not partner up with great brands like Nike, Adidas or Callaway?

When wearing a cap is not just a fashion statement, but a necessity, performance caps should be the first choice. With moisture wicking technologies similar to dry performance t-shirts, custom made dry performance caps keep sweat away from your head which will keep your entire body cooler. Performance caps will also allow for better breathability when temperatures rise, making sure you can make it through the entire day.

During the cold winter months, what people are looking for in caps changes. No longer do they want a cap that breathes, but a cap that keeps the warmth from their head in. The best cap for the job are custom knit caps. With a snug fit that covers your ears, beanie caps are a lightweight cap that will keep you warm on the coldest winter days. In the past few years, beanie caps with bills have been introduced, being you will also have protection from the sun that would normally be supplied by ball caps.


When you buy custom caps, there are many features that you can choose from when picking the perfect cap. Are your caps meant to be worn at work, on the links or will they be making a fashion statement? Either way, we'll have the exact caps you're looking for.

Since adjustable caps are the most popular, it is easy to see why there are multiple choices in how to adjust these caps. Some people like the custom snap back caps which gives a more structured fit, others like the custom made buckle back caps that allows you to pull the cap tight or some others like the ease of custom made velcro back caps.

How a cap is adjusted is only the start of the features a cap can possess. Another important factor to keep in mind when you buy custom caps is how the cap is built. Caps can have a very firm structured feel or loose unstructured feel. Custom made structured caps utilize a fabric called "buckram" that keeps the front panel of cap firm, being the rest of the cap will maintain its shape over time. Since custom made unstructured caps lack the "buckram" fabric, they are shaped by the person's head wearing the cap. There is no right or wrong choice when you design embroidered custom cap, only personal preference.


There a few different materials to choose from when you design custom caps. By far the most popular fabric in custom caps is 100% Cotton. Custom made 100% cotton caps have an ability to breathe, keeping your head cool in warmer temperatures. Cotton is also forgiving when it comes to fit. 100% Cotton have the ability to stretch over time that some synthetic materials will not.

Custom made twill caps remains another popular style of custom caps, because of its sturdy construction and lightweight feel. Twill is used predominantly in golf caps, due it's high-end look and its ability to stand up to any weather conditions.

Custom made polyester caps remain the standard in the performance caps market. Because polyester has the ability to keep moisture from soaking into its fabric, it makes for the perfect summer weather cap. No longer will your custom cap trap the sweat in, causing you to become even hotter. Polyester caps will continue to keep you cool, even in the warmest situations.

If you're looking for something that breathes better than cotton and can keep you cooler than polyester, look no further than custom made mesh caps. While mesh is mostly used in combination with another fabric, it is occasionally used as the main material in construction of some caps. Since mesh caps have airflow through the entire cap, overheating is almost impossible. One downside with mesh is its inability to keep out all moisture when it begins to rain.


After you pick the perfect caps, you now have to decide how you want to design your custom caps. With LogoSportswear's ability to offer many different types of personalization, you will be able to pick which method works best for you.

Embroidery is the only option when you design custom caps. Since caps are made of thicker materials, it is easier and more permanent to stitch a design onto the cap in comparison to printed designs. Embroidery are normally placed on the front panel of custom caps, but can be added to other locations. When you design custom made embroidered caps, please note that embroideries can be a maximum of 2.1" high and 4.2" wide.

Looking for more information? Visit our custom embroidered sportswear page for more about embroidery and to see our entire selection of custom embroidered apparel.

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