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Trends In Custom Workwear

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Restaurants, hospitals, hotels, airlines, auto rental and entertainment businesses know that when custom workwear are done right, they make a great first impression for the company. Custom work wear informs customers who a company is and builds employee and company pride.

Custom work workwear and work wear offer simple but effective way to ensure top-of-mind awareness every time a potential customer sees one of your employees. By choosing custom workwear that strongly convey your organization's image, you continue to foster a strong identity every day. Though it often happens subconsciously, even small details of a uniform can have a profound impact on the way employees - and an entire brand - are perceived. Custom work wear can be designed to suggest expertise, trustworthiness, authority, courage, or even, in the case of a chef or physician, attention to cleanliness.

Customers naturally feel more confident dealing with uniformed personnel. And because workwear exerts such a powerful influence on conduct, members of any team feel and act most professional when they look the part. Work wear also plays an important security role, making it much more difficult for intruders to access sensitive information or compromise customer relationships.

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Custom Work Wear Trends: New Kinds of Workers, New Work Wear

It used to be that nurses and chefs wore stiff starched whites. Repairmen wore gray work shirts with names firmly stitched on patches on the left front chest. Custom work wear were rough, stiff and flat out uncomfortable. But that has all changed.

Here are some of the new trends in Custom Work Wear we are seeing:

--Color. Young and men are venturing into more daring palettes with brighter colors such as tangerine, sky blue, bright green and more Women Colors are bold and beautiful. Deeper and more vibrant hues. New and fun pastels in light shades. Greens, moss green, teal and more. The new darker palette purples, radiant reds and blues. Custom work wear manufacturers are answering the call of working women everywhere by developing more styles and sizes that complement the mens styles for true his and hers styling.

--Workwear should work as hard as those wearing them. Now it is possible to combine function and comfort. Polyester knits used to have negative connotations but these new fabrics now provide softness and moisture-management. Workwear is becoming flexible enough to allow the wearer to leave the workplace and then wear recreationally. From bank tellers to fast-food employees, custom workwear and custom work wear can as easily be worn socially as worn to work.

--Workwear has become easier to care for. Not only wrinkle free but work wear can now repel and release stains. Polos are being made with no curl collars.

--Increased emphasis on a more "corporate" look. Custom workweawr continues to evolve to be more stylish and sophisticated. Mixing and matching different styles but using the same company color schemes is a trend. Layering create a complete system. We are seeing. t-shirts paired with sweaters and windshirts paired with outerwear.

--This will be the year of the polo shirt. Extremely popular with young men, especially in unconventional colors and more form-fitting silhouettes. And the sportshirt has managed to retain its cache with more mature demographics.

--Changing size scales and demographics. It is no secret that the waistlines are bulging and big and tall sizes are in demand. There is also a trend for younger workers to have more athletic muscular look. One way to handle both is that manufacturers have added stretch or flex in the work wear.

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