Can’t Get Your New Site Ranked On Google? Perhaps This Is Why

Posted by Jeffm

The days of getting an immediate high PageRank with Google is over. Two theories being bantered about in the search community explain why this is.

Sandbox Filter

The Google Sandbox theory is a dampening filter that many say Google applies to new websites. It usually lasts for between two and six months from the site’s launch date. It’s not unusual for a new website to enter the SERPs (search engine results pages) for a couple of weeks and then drop out of the search engine rankings completely. The sandbox filter appears to be designed to discourage spam websites, short term websites, and to put short term link renters out of business.

Aging Filter

There appears to alsofilters within the Google algorithm that take into account the age of the site, the age of the links coming to the site, the range of internet hosting companies that are holding the incoming links, the PageRank, link text and page content of the incoming links and possibly even the title of the page that the links are coming from.

The sandbox holding period is typically anywhere between 90 to 120 days, the aging delay appears to be much longer. Don’t continue to tweak and adjust your site hoping that you changes will thrust you on to the first page. It is best to be patient and let time pass before these adjustments.

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