Top Real Estate Exposure Through Keyphrase Research

Posted by Jeffm

Search has become the new real estate play. Marketers wantpage one rankings when top industry keyphrases are submitted to the search engines. Page one rankings offer the prime “real estate” exposure you need to introduce you company to potential new customers.

To achieve high rankings, typically marketers perform standard keyword research using search engine tools that compute how many internet surfers search for a particular keyword. One such tool can be seen at our site:

It is not enough to research just the most popular keyphrases in your industry however. You need to also gauge the competitiveness of each search term.

A great tool for this is can be found at

Using their free trial, Worktracker shows you the Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI), a computation that compares the number of times a keyword is searched against the number of web pages that appear for a term. In a nutshell, the higher the KEI, the more popular and less competitive your keywords are.

An example of this came when researching keyphrases for our new Promotional Products site, Though the keyphrase “promotional products” had 2235 searches from MSN, it had a KEI of 12– considered to be poor. It is a very competitive keyword with 404,001 mentions on the web. Contrast this with “custom promotional products.” Though there is 1/5 the number of searches, this expanded keyphrase has a good KEI of 51. Why? Because there are only 4,356 competitive mentions–one tenth the competition of the other keyphrase.

By using this advanced keyword research technique, you will identify profitable niches and increase the likelihood of securing higher rankings.

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