Get Your Golf On! Who Are You Rooting For In The 2014 Masters Tournament?

Posted by Ed Gaug

Custom Golf Apparel

The 2014 Masters in Augusta, GA is nearly upon us and we are here to help you prepare for the most prestigious tournament on the PGA schedule. For competitors and fans alike, the Masters bring the current state of golf back to its roots. The Augusta National Golf Course, home of every Masters since 1934, has worked very hard to maintain their traditional values when it comes to the game and keeping many traditions alive. Whether it’s the pimento cheese sandwiches or the honorary green jacket given to every winner, the great history of golf lives on with the current stars of the PGA every April in Georgia.

This year, the field at The Masters is as deep as ever. Can Adam Scott defend his 2013 title? Will Tiger, Phil and Bubba be healthy enough to play once Thursday arrives? Will a relative unknown take the field by storm and bring home the jacket and the $1.4 Million check? We are just over a week away from answering all these questions. We hope that with the next few tips, you will be prepared to know the ins-and-outs of this year’s tournament.

Who To Watch

This year there are 20 past Masters winners in the field. These include big names like Fred Couples, Phil Mickelson, Bubba Watson and Tiger Woods. There is also a younger contingent of golfers like Jason Day, Rory McIlroy and Rickie Fowler that will be fighting for the top spot.

Tiger Woods – 6:1 odds
Tiger WoodsTiger, despite his recent form, is still one of the biggest names in the sport and it is very hard to bet against a golfer with 14 major championships in his careers. Can he bring back the Red Nike Golf Polo and break his 9 year Masters drought this year? Only time will tell.

Tiger and his red Nike Golf polo will be staying home this year as the 3-time champion recovers from back surgery. This opens up the field quite a bit.


Adam Scott – 15:1 odds
Adam ScottLast year’s winner has a lot of great golfers chasing after his title. Can the Aussie find the same mix of skill and luck that he found in his sudden-death playoff in 2013.




Phil Mickelson – 15:1 odds
Phil MickelsonLefty has one three Masters in the past 10 years and there no signs of him slowing down. At age 43, Phil is playing some of the best golf of his career. Expect him to stay in the top 5 if he arrives in Augusta healthy. Want to bring Phil’s look to your local course? Start with his signature Callaway polo.



Rory McIlroy – 8:1 odds
Rory McIlroyNipping at Tiger’s heels is the 24 year from Northern Ireland. The leading money winner and PGA Championship winner from 2012 is making his case to be this year’s favorite at the Masters. How good is Rory? Nike already has him signed to a 9-figure endorsement deal and he has 2 majors under his belt. It’s going to be hard to bet against this kid.



Jason Day – 12:1 odds
Jason DayHey may not have a major championship under his belt yet, but the 26-year old from Australia is already in his 8th year as a PGA professional and has five wins to his name. You might not be able to play like Jason, but you can sure look like him with his collection of Adidas golf apparel.



Rickie Fowler – 60:1
Rickie FowlerFowler may be considered a long-shot of winning this year’s tournament, but after a Top 10 finish at the 2013 US Open, many see him as one of the up-and-coming stars of the PGA. Known for his flat brimmed Puma caps, many younger golfers are following Rickie’s lead on the course with bright clothes and more modern golf brands.



Now that you know a little more of who to watch next weekend, it’s time to get your own golf season going in full gear. The weather is finally getting nice and courses around the country are opening their gates for the first rounds of the season. This year, wear only the best golf apparel from LogoSportswear. With our massive selection of Nike, Adidas, Callaway and Puma golf  apparel, you can look like the pros, even if your game isn’t quite there yet. In just a few clicks, you can design custom golfwear with our free Online Designer. Upload your company’s logo or design and we can embroidered it in full color to create a look that’s perfect for an afternoon on the course or in the board room. Start designing now!

How Do I Make The Best Custom Baseball Uniform For This Season?

Posted by Ed Gaug

Finding the right look for your baseball team this season doesn’t need to be difficult. With just a few easy tips, we can have your players looking like the pros this year, and then all you have to worry about is winning the game.

The first step in finding the right baseball uniform for your team is to determine which look is best for your players. How old are they? What level do you play at? How long is the season?

The answers to these questions can make the selection process quite easy. For younger players, think pre-Little League, cotton team t-shirts may be the best option. Add a matching color baseball hat in your team color to complete this uniform. At the end of the season the players can keep their tees as a memento and then move onto the next level the following year.

Players in Little League, ages 10-12, will normally play with the same team for all three years, so designing more durable, longer-lasting uniforms are key. At this level, we recommend moving past t-shirts and onto pullover baseball jerseys. The polyester material will hold up for three seasons or longer no matter how hard your players are on them. Matched with white or grey baseball pants, your players will start taking pride in their uniforms and strive to play as good as the look. These jerseys look best when the front logo or design is printed directly on the jersey. This keeps the weight of the jersey very light compared to other styles. When choosing a baseball hat (and because kids are still growing rapidly at this age), we recommend sticking with snapback, adjustable caps so they can wear them season after season. Add your team’s logo using our Online Designer for the best look available.

Once players graduate from Little League they have a bunch of different options when it comes to continuing their baseball careers. Some players stick to local youth leagues, others begin playing for middle school and high school teams, while the best players will move on to AAU or “travel” teams that play all year long in games and tournaments across the country.  These teams all demand different things of their baseball uniforms and will need to determine what fits the needs of their players best. With such a stacked schedule, the need for multiple uniforms is inescapable. Players will need to have at very least a home uniform (normally all-white) and a road uniform (classically all-gray, but can also be a solid colored top) to make sure there aren’t uniform clashes with opponents. Many high school and nearly all college baseball teams have been designing three baseball jerseys as a way to keep their players and their uniforms fresh. To design the most professional looking jerseys, we recommend utilizing our Sewn On Twill decoration option to create a look that is familiar from the top leagues in the country.

Home Baseball JerseyAway Baseball JerseyAlternative Baseball Jersey

Baseball doesn’t stop after college. For many ballplayers, adult leagues offer the opportunity to play deep into their 30s and possibly 40s. These teams may not practice as often, but that doesn’t stop them from playing two or three games every weekend through spring and summer while the weather’s warm and the local high school and college fields are empty during break. For these teams, finding something that mixes the right amount of professionalism with comfort is key. Pullover and two-button jerseys are easy to design and much easier to wear for those of us who aren’t in the best shape anymore. Matched with looser fitting baseball pants, the team’s uniform will look great on players from 25 to 45.

One thing all of these teams can agree on is that their players demand the highest quality uniforms that fit within their budget. At TeamSportswear, you can find: professional-quality, full-button jerseys, game-ready pants and fitted caps at a price that works for your team. Along with high quality uniforms, we offer the largest selection of team colors and decoration options, making it simple for every team to design the perfect uniform for the upcoming season. We make it easy for you to design your team’s new baseball uniforms. You can upload your own custom logo or artwork into our online designer and create a custom look all of your players will love to wear. Designing your new jerseys and caps is easy and can be done in just a few minutes.

Click here to get started designing the best custom baseball uniform for your team today and get ready for a great season!

10 Ways to Raise Awareness for Autism

Posted by Sharon La Riviere

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Autism affects over 2 million individuals in the U.S. and tens of millions worldwide and has increased over 600 percent in the last two decades. It’s a national public health crisis and a disease that many individuals and family are affected by on a daily basis including one of my dear friends.

During the month of April, we promote National Autism Awareness Month, however it’s a cause that needs to be promoted every day. There’s a lot that we can do as individuals and communities to raise awareness and money for a disease that affects so many. Below are my own personal top 10 ideas to raise awareness for Autism this month and beyond.

  1. Support or Volunteer at Autism Awareness Events – there are many events throughout the county that you can choose to join like walks, bike rides, benefits and more. These events raise hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to support Autism awareness, research and support. Without you and the many others that participate they would not be such a success.
  2. Wear Custom T-Shirts – use them to promote your team at an Autism charity walk (check me out in this picture supporting Team Chase), Custom T-Shirt
    sell or distribute them at events and make your organization known! You can customize your t-shirts by adding your own logo you can choose from any of our free custom Autism t-shirt designs to get you started.  Whether you’re planning a large or small event, you can get as many shirts as you need in plenty of time. We even offer special quantity pricing so you can save a ton!
  3. Matching Gifts – are you personally walking or on a team that’s raising money for an Autism walk or ride? Check with your company, they might have a matching gifts program where they’lll support you in your efforts to raise money for the cause. Sometimes they’ll double your donation! All you have to do is ask!
  4. Make a Special Occasion Donation – in lieu of traditional gifts for your birthday, holiday or even your wedding, ask for your family and friends to give a donation to your favorite Autism charity.
  5. Have a Tag Sale – hold a community or neighborhood tag sale and donate the profits.
  6. Create Your Own Fundraiser – create a free campaign selling t-shirts using (our sister site) to earn profits that you can donate to the charity of your choice. It’s free and there’s no limit to how much you can earn! Learn more about it by visiting the site: 


  • Get Donations from Businesses or Corporate Sponsors – many local businesses are willing to help out – ask them to donate a gift certificate or a prize to raffle off at the event.
  • Team Up With A Restauranthost a dinner at a local restaurant, with part of the proceeds going to charity. Going out to dinner is an easy and fun way for people to donate money to such a worthy cause.
  • Hold a Car Wash – get your local high school group or team together – have fun and raise money at the same time!
  • It’s Not Always About Money – become informed – information is power and will help you learn ways that you can help those affected.


These are just some ways that you can help support this worthy cause to raise awareness and hopefully someday find a cure. Let me know if you have any other creative ideas you can add to this list.

8 Ways You Can Prevent Work-Zone Accidents & Save A Life

Posted by Sharon La Riviere

Did you know that according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics there were 669 fatalities in construction and maintenance work zones during 2012? National Work Zone Awareness Week (NWZAW) will be held April 7th through 11th to bring national attention to motorist and worker safety issues in work zones. The 2014 theme highlights the consequences of speeding through a work zone. By informing drivers and workers of the dangers of speeding and other work zone hazards you can not only can avoid fines and jail time, but you can save a life!

What you also might not know is about 80 percent of work-zone collision fatalities are the drivers and passengers. While the majority of work-zone crashes are preventable, the number of deaths are on the rise. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration factors such as exceeding the posted speed limit, driver impatience and traffic congestion contribute to more crashes, more deaths and more injuries.

You can help to avoid accidents and injuries by following these 8 safe driving tips:

  1. Slow down to the posted speed. Speeding is one of the major causes of work-zone crashes.
  2. Merge as soon as possible leaving extra space between cars.
  3. Pay attention to warning signs, directional signs and flaggers (wearing high visibility safety vests). Custom Safety Apparel
    They’re there to guide you through the work zone safely, so please read and obey them. Not only does the flagger have information to guide motorists through the work zone safely, but he or she has the same authority as a regulatory sign. Ignore a flagger and you could be cited or even worse, you could be involved in a serious crash!
  4. Don’t use cell phones! Using a handheld device while driving is never a good idea – especially in work zones. Minimize other distractions that can take your eyes, ears and attention off the road.
  5. Expect delays, plan for them and leave early or use an alternate route if one is available so that you don’t have to rush.
  6. Keep a safe distance between your car and the vehicle in front of you, construction equipment and crews. Rear-end collisions are the most common type of work-zone crashes.
  7. Don’t cut in line … or try to keep other drivers out. When lanes are narrowed, merge as soon as the signs direct you to do so. Drivers who wait until the last minute to merge (and cut off other drivers) disrupt traffic flow and slow down the commute for everyone. If you’re already in the open travel lane, be considerate and allow other drivers to merge in early.
  8. Be patient and stay calm. Remember: Road crews are working to improve the roadway and your commute.

Want to keep your workers safe?

The first step is to make sure they’re wearing the proper custom safety wear such as safety vests, jackets, safety shirts, sweatshirts and caps in high visibility colors like fluorescent yellow, orange, red or green. Ensuring your workers are visible to on-coming traffic or other workers operating dangerous equipment is critical in keeping them safe!

Work Zone Safety Apparel

Depending on the work environment, the appropriate color-enhanced clothing should be chosen. For example, when a work area has a lot of orange-colored work objects like vehicles, signs and construction barrels, lime green color-enhanced clothing would be a good choice. Orange is also one of the most common colors for safety clothing, and safety vests because it offers a complementary contrast to the blue of the sky, which makes you stand out.

LogoSportswear offers a wide variety of high visibility safety clothing that can be customized for your crew with your business logo, artwork and text through our embroidery, digital printing and screen printing decoration options. If you’re required to meet ANSI regulations, please note that only wearing color enhanced clothing does not meet the requirements.

High visibility materials like reflective film and reflective tape are used on safety vests, safety jackets, safety shirts and more in order to keep workers out of harm’s way. Many of our safety custom apparel come direct from our manufacturers with these reflective options and are ANSI rated. Products meeting ANSI requirements are noted in the product description.

Whatever needs you have to outfit your entire crew,we’ve got a solution. Don’t delay, check out our entire line of custom safety wear online and start saving lives!

While National Work Zone Awareness Week is promoted for one week out of the year, work-zone safety is an everyday challenge that drivers and workers need to focus on in order to reduce the number of injuries and deaths. Remember, the majority of work-zone crashes are preventable!

The tips outlined above are just some of the ways to stay safe – let’s work together by sharing other suggestions in the comments below.

Please, Drive & Work Safely!

How Do I Make A Custom Fan Jersey for March Madness?

Posted by Ed Gaug

March Madness Fan Jerseys
This Sunday begins the best four weeks in college basketball. Sixty Eight of the country’s best basketball teams are pitted against one another where the winner continues on until one team is named this year’s National Champions. Will we see another #8 seed make the Championship game ala Butler University in 2011 or will the #1 seeds run away with it? One thing we know, no matter where your favorite team is ranked, you will be cheering as loud as you can.

Whether you are in stands as your team takes the court, at your favorite sports bar or on the couch with some popcorn; showing your team spirit is key. Every fan has a lucky shirt, so why not design your new game day shirt with TeamSportswear? We offer a wide array of t-shirts, sweatshirts, fan jerseys and more that can be customized to fit your fandom needs.

What Style Fits Best?

Basketball fans have a lot of options when it comes to choosing the perfect fan apparel. Do you want to look like the players on the court? If so, then a custom basketball jersey can be your jersey of choice. They are lightweight, come in a ton of different colors and can be customized with your favorite player’s number…but not name. The NCAA won’t let us do that…sorry!

Don’t have the biceps to pull off a basketball jersey? That’s okay, we don’t either. This is where the team t-shirt makes more sense. Choose your school’s colors and then start customizing it with our free Online Designer. You can upload a design of your own or choose from the hundreds of different design templates we offer. Because schools have really strict copyright rules, you cannot use the school name without consent, but you can normally use their nickname or mascot without issues.
Fan Polos
Since a lot of early round games happen during the day, you’re probably saying “I can’t wear a t-shirt or basketball jersey to work. What about me?” While it’s a shame you can’t wear a t-shirt to work, a dry performance polo can be a better solution for the office workers among us. We offer comfortable moisture-wicking polos in over 20 different colors that can customized to match your team’s colors and is totally work appropriate. Now just don’t get caught watching games in your cubicle!

How Do I Design It?

While using a team’s official name and logo is not possible due to licensing agreements, you can still design using your team’s colors or informal nicknames. Recently, many people have been designing their custom fan apparel with their team’s favorite Twitter hashtag. Kansans are using #RCJH to cheer on the Jayhawks or maybe a nickname like ‘Cuse makes the right statement for you. With both of these examples, you don’t need to be a professional designer. Use the text tools in our Online Designer to design the perfect shirt that will look good in the first round all the way through to the Final Four.

What If I Want to Show Off  My New Shirt?

Now that your finished designing your shirt or jersey and you’re waiting on your front step for it to arrive, why not share your design with all your friends. We let you Share Your Design via e-mail and social networks like Facebook and Twitter so all your friends can see, even if they are rooting on your fiercest rivals.

Well Now What?

WEAR YOUR NEW SHIRT! The last thing to do with your custom fan jersey is to put it on and wear it with pride. Whether you’re heading to the game, the bar to join friends or just setting up on the couch with some snacks with family; show off your team pride with your new, personalized fan jersey.
Now that you know the steps, start designing your custom fan jersey at TeamSportswear and find the one that you will love to wear for years to come.

Top 5 Reasons Why French Terry Is The Most Popular Fabric In Sweatshirts Today

Posted by Sharon La Riviere

If you’ve been reading and listening to what the fashion magazines are saying about the latest trends in casual / sporty clothing, the word you hear over and over is French Terry. I bet you’re wondering what all the hype is about it…well, I’m here to tell you what makes this fabric so awesome and why you’ll want to start wearing it immediately, if you haven’t already.

First, what exactly does French Terry mean?

French Terry is a knit fabric that features loops and soft piles of yarn on the inside of the fabric which results in a very absorbent, French Terrymoisture wicking material. It is heavier than a t-shirt, but lighter than most sweatshirt and has a good amount of stretch which is very comfortable to wear. You can see in the image below the comparison of the outside of the fabric vs. the inside. Now that you’ve seen it, you’re probably saying, “Hmm….I think I have some sweatshirts in my closet that look like this.” French Terry has been around since the 1980’s so most likely you probably do and just didn’t know it.

It’s made a major comeback because of these top 5 reasons:

  1. Superior Comfort – features soft piles of yarn on the inside of the clothing that is super comfy next to you skin.
  2. Keeps You Cool & Dry – moisture wicking properties draw sweat away from your body while working out or on warm sunny days keeping you cool and dry during all activities.
  3. Perfect Layering Piece – it’s heavier than a t-shirt, but lighter than a sweatshirt making it the perfect layering piece all year long.
  4. Provides Flexibility – French Terry has a good amount of stretch in the fabric that provides flexibility and comfort during activities like yoga, working out or just lounging around.
  5. It’s Customizable – you can add your own design or logo on any of our French Terry apparel to create a one-of-a-kind look.

Now that you’re completely sold on French Terry – how can you get it? LogoSportswear has a variety of French Terry clothing from top name brands like American Apparel, Alternative Apparel and more. You can choose from many different styles of sweatshirts for women and men like: hoodies, full zip sweatshirts, crewnecks, half zip pullovers as well as jackets, raglan t-shirts, and lounge pants.

Customize any of our products by uploading your own artwork, logo or mascot or start with one of our pre-made designs using our Online Designer. Create one-of-a-kind custom French Terry apparel to promote your yoga studio or CrossFit gym, for your sports team to wear during practices or just lounging around on the weekends. Just choose your favorite style and start designing!

Go get your comfy on! Start shopping at:

Missions On Wheels, Inc. Uses Custom T-Shirts To Identify Volunteers During Disasters

Posted by Sharon La Riviere

Image of Volunteers

Each week LogoSportswear selects a recipient for their LogoGiveBack™ program that exemplifies the great work of charitable organizations throughout the United States. The $250 donation allows the organization to purchase customized apparel needed to support their efforts.

This week’s recipient, Mission On Wheels, Inc. provides self-contained, trailer-based equipment such as cargo, shower, rest trailers and generators to support disaster relief and recovery efforts throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Missouri. They work directly with disaster survivors as well as provide support to emergency service workers like police, fire, National Guard, etc.

They’ll be using their donation to purchase custom t-shirts that allow for easy identification of their volunteers during disaster deployment. The t-shirts will let victims as well as other emergency personnel know that they are part of Mission On Wheels, Inc. and are there to help. It’s important during critical events like this that volunteers and emergency crews can be easily spotted and recognizable at the scene.

High Visibility Safety Apparel

Often high visibility (bright colored) safety apparel is worn which provides an added level of protection to those helping out especially when working in dangerous environments. Several different types of custom safety wear can be worn such as: safety vests, t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, jackets all available in fluorescent colors like bright orange and yellow (many products also meet ANSI regulations) with options for reflective film or tape for added protection. Safety gear can be customized with your organizations logo, name, volunteer name or any other design you’d like. It can all be done in a few easy steps using our online designer where you can upload an existing logo or artwork or choose from free templates that we provide.

Safety and identification is key in making any disaster relief effort as safe as possible to all those involved.

Learn more about what Mission On Wheels, Inc. is all about by visiting their website at: You can also make an online donation to help this worthy cause continue its efforts.

Image of LogoSportswear LogoGiveBack Program

About the LogoGiveBack™ Program:
Since 2010 LogoSportswear has been recognizing the work of non-profits and charities by contributing to their causes through our LogoGiveBack™ program. It’s a way to help support those organizations who are helping those in need every day. Each week, a winner is selected from the applicants whom have submitted their story and they receive a $250 gift certificate towards custom products they could use for the organization’s needs, fundraisers or those in need.

  • Non-profit and charity groups submit their story about their organization and how they could utilize the donation.
  • Every week LogoSportswear reviews and selects a LogoGiveBack recipient.
  • The organization receives a $250 store credit to be used to purchase any products on the website.
  • The recipient is promoted on our LogoGiveBack’s page and a customized blog post (like this one!) to help raise awareness for the charity and the good that they are doing every day.

Note: Images used in this blog are not from Mission On Wheels, Inc.

Dress Shirt Fabric Types: What Do They Mean

Posted by Sharon La Riviere

There are several different types of fabrics that dress shirts are comprised of. Below are definitions of some of our most popular.

Broadcloth: A close plain-weave fabric made of cotton, rayon or a blend of cotton or rayon with polyester.

Denim: A cotton or blended fabric with right or left hand twill construction. The wrap is usually dyed blue with a white filing.

Nailhead Woven: Consists of a solid background and color with little pinheads’ (or small nailheads) of fabric spaced at regular (and very small) intervals. The effect of this pattern is that the background color tends to overshadow the nailhead pattern.

Oxford: A fine, lightweight woven cotton or cotton-blend fabric with a 2 x 1 basket weave variation. This is typically used for dress shirts.

Poplin: A medium to heavyweight unbalanced plain weave. It is a spun yarn fabric that is usually piece dyed. It’s made by weaving one weft (vertical) yarn over and under each wrap (horizontal) yarn, alternating each row. The filling cylindrical. Two or three times as many warp as weft per inch.

What Are The Most Popular Dress Shirt Patterns For 2014?

Posted by Ed Gaug

Traditional solid colored dress shirts still have their place in most people’s closets, but there are also many other patterns to choose from to help update your wardrobe. Whether you are wearing it on its own with a pair of khakis or as a part of a suit, patterned custom embroidered dress shirts can look fantastic. Now is the time to learn a bit more about available patterns so you can find the one that fits your style best.


Gingham pattern usually comes in a checkered patterned that combines white with another color. The pattern is formed by vertical and horizontal stripes that cross on a white background to form even square checks.



Tattersall is a checkered pattern that is created by alternating colors that are repeated both horizontally and vertically. The stripes that create the pattern often come in two different colors and are usually darker than the background color.



The striped pattern is made wholly of vertical lines in either one or two colors. Depending on the width between the stripes, this may cause the shirt to appear solid from far away.



The windowpane pattern is made of thin vertical and horizontal lines that cross to create a very wide checkered plaid pattern that resembles a windowpane. This is normally found on a white shirt with different colored lines.



The houndstooth pattern makes a checkered design of normally white and black using a jagged, pointed shape (similar to a hound’s tooth). This pattern was made famous by Alabama football coach Paul “Bear” Bryant, but has become a fashionable.


It’s easy to update your look for your company, staff or your individual wardrobe. You can choose to customize any of our dress shirts by uploading your company logo or adding your employee name in our online designer. Then let us create a professional look with our top of the line embroidery process.  Don’t need them personalized? You can also buy any of our dress shirts without decoration. Click here to start shopping our entire collection of custom embroidered dress shirts and update your wardrobe with new patterns, styles and colors!

How Will Custom Stain Resistant Clothing Save Your Business Money?

Posted by Ed Gaug

Stain Resistant can be used to mean a lot of different things, so we wanted to clear up any questions you may have when shopping for your next dress shirt and other stain resistant apparel. Whether you are shopping for men or ladies, custom stain resistant clothing is always a great option, especially if you work in an industry that deals with food or drink service.

Stain resistant dress shirts and polos are some of the most common types of clothing that come with this great feature. Modern stain resistant dress shirts allow you to simply wipe off any material that is spilled on the shirt without leaving a lasting stain. This means things like coffee, juice or soda can be wiped off; and once dry, will show no signs of a stain being there. This is fantastic for wait staff, hosts and bartenders that have to keep their look professional for an entire shift.

You may be wondering what the difference between stain resistant clothing and all other clothing feels or looks like. What makes stain resistant is a very thin coating that keeps the stain from settling into the fabric and thus staining it. This coating makes it easy to wipe the food or liquid right off. Because the coating this so thin, you will never notice a difference while wearing or washing your clothing.

When you are looking for the perfect dress shirt or polo to customize your restaurant or company’s logo, think of the additional protection and extra life you’ll get with stain resistant shirts. Think of the money your business can save over the years when you don’t have to buy new uniforms and clothing every time they become stained!

Get started by picking your shirt, uploading your logo or design into our free Online Designer and we will take care of the rest. Be sure to match them up with our stain resistant pants and shorts for a complete outfit that will keep you neat and professional at all times.

Start shopping our entire line of custom stain resistant clothing for your entire staff or company today and receive quantity discounts!

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